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Website Conversion Rate 101

by | Jul 22, 2014

Website Conversion Rate 101

The term conversion has multiple meanings. For example this term can mean one thing generally in the world of math but when speaking conversion in the world of website traffic it brings on an entirely new life. The entire reason for paying attention to website conversion is to focus on the activity of traffic. To make things easier to understand, when conversion takes place on your website what is it that you want to happen? Do you wish for a purchase of service or product; do you wish for contact/quote; are you seeking for feedback? All of those questions above are actions which users can perform on your website and at the end of every month you will then count the number of actions completed for each. Those conversion numbers then will be used to determine your next move.

For example a business owner checks their monthly website conversion rates only to find low numbers for product purchases but high requests for logo pricing quotes. Seeing the results, it is best leave everything as is for one more month. As another month passes by, conversion rates are reviewed again and show similar activity. How to manage this this predicament? It would be best to consider a logo monthly sale as it may raise conversion rates to a higher number for the following month. In essence, conversion rate numbers will assist you in doing whatever a business owner wishes to accomplish and obtain by using his/her website.

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