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Seth Wordsmith

by | May 25, 2022


Seth was looking for a new and improved website to drive voiceover consultation requests and to simplify purchases for fully trademarked recordings for film, television, video games and more.

We created a unique design speaking to his voiceover expertise as well as the fantasy subjects he typically covers in his narrarations, and short stories. We also added an e-commerce shop so his customers could easily purchase jobs directly from his website in real time.

Our client’s very happy with his new website and we had a terrific time working with him on his project.


Entertainment, Voiceover Artist, Voiceover Actor, Narrarator


HTML/CSS, Web Design, Development


Website Design, WordPress Development, E-commerce Development
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BEE Honest! Is your website
overdue for a redesign?

© 2022 Beehive Web Solutions. All rights reserved.

BEE Honest! Is your website
overdue for a redesign?

© 2022 Beehive Web Solutions. All rights reserved.

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