Pay Per Click/Google Ads Management

Beehive Web Solutions offers effective Google AdWords (PPC) management to large, small and mid-sized enterprises. Our experts; who are located in San Diego, LA and Orange County have perfected their PPC skills through years of experience helping businesses develop effective Google AdWords campaigns.

The internet offers a delicate and dynamic advertising system which if not approached carefully may lead to frustration and a waste of time and resources. Ultimately, the purpose of Google AdWords advertising is to meet and exceed your business goals. Beehive would love to help you tap into the limitless opportunities that online advertising can make available.

What we offer


Our PPC campaign management services on Yahoo, LinkedIn, Bing, Facebook and Google include the following:

  • Relevant keyword research
  • Creative writing
  • Monthly reports
  • Adjustment of bids
  • Account management by experts
  • Adjustment of keyword lists
  • SEO
  • Increasing Return on Investment
  • Developing and improving ads
  • Quality score
  • Handling the budget
  • Management of the advertising campaigns
  • Mechanisms for monitoring landing pages

Benefits of PPC Management


Developing an effective PPC campaign is an intricate process that requires a lot of time, patience and dedication. Beehive saves you the hustle so that you can use your effort and time on other important items requiring your attention. We will oversee and maintain all avenues of your advertising campaign to ensure you get a fantastic ROI (return on investment) and can strategically and efficiently grow your business.

You can trust that our methods will give you a significant rise in sales and new customers. Beehive offers you performance rather than clicks.

2. Use social media


Creating and maintaining an interactive social media page for your business allows people to access you outside your business. Social media is a great way to let people interact with you, learn about your business and inquire about your services without experiencing too much pressure to make a purchase.


Advertising via Animation


In the current age it’s imperative to creatively tell your company story to your target market in a format they will actually enjoy watching. Beehive has an animation studio dedicated to creating funny, memorable and informative animation advertisements that help our clients grow their business with style.

We provide the following;

  • Script Writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation Prodution
  • Advertising Management
  • Display Campaign Configuration
  • Paid Social Media Management

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Having helped businesses like Advanced Applications, Revenue Maximization Group, Sunlit Merchant Services, Del-Mar-Solana Beach Rotary, and Robin Retail Group to grow, we are just the right marketing agency for you.


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