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by | Apr 18, 2022

San Diego Web Design Company | Beehive Web Solutions

Reasons to use WordPress

WordPress will be a useful addition to your company’s marketing strategies. A Web Design Company in San Diego would not regret using it to support your company. An individual user would not regret using it. Here are 11 reasons why you should use WordPress:

  • In general, a successful, online presence is necessary in today’s marketing world. Everyone uses their smartphones, everyone uses Wi-Fi, and everyone uses the internet. Therefore, since WordPress is an excellent San Diego Web Design Company, take advantage of using one of the best options for web design. Not everyone has the skill set to create their own website. That is why it is a good idea to use a website such as WordPress to create the website you always wanted to have for your business. WordPress is also free and is also easy to use. What better software to begin your website creation journey! WordPress software still contains top quality, even with the free price tag. Another web design company in San Diego would also be wise to model WordPress design.
  • WordPress is great for smaller companies to use. A good web design company in San Diego should think about using WordPress because it is not expensive, and it is easy for anyone to use. Support small businesses and use WordPress!
  • It does not take a long time to set up WordPress. It is a quick, simple, and easy set-up. You will be able to start using WordPress almost immediately after downloading! Many services also provide WordPress downloads that are automatic. This will allow you to start using WordPress even quicker!
  • WordPress is not complicated for a web design company, San Diego. Once you are logged on to WordPress, then even the most technologically challenged person could use it well. Just go to the left sidebar, and you will find all that you need to have a good experience with the WordPress design.  Although there are many options and choices on WordPress for clients to use to meet everchanging and unique customer needs, the site remains easy to use. For a Web Design Company, WordPress really does remain accessible to all users.
  • WordPress has many extra features and themes, in terms of visual ones. It is also a highly customizable web design company. Since businesses are unique entities, requiring unique website design, it is so important to use an extremely customizable site to fit your company’s unique needs. You can use custom themes or one of the offered options.
  • When a company does not have a good help network service, it is an extreme hindrance to its clients. A helpful network exists to serve WordPress users. This network is updated often to serve the users of this preferred San Diego web design company. This is imperative to a smaller-sized company that does not have a lot of time to research.
  • WordPress works together with Google Analytics to track data in a meaningful way. As a web design company in San Diego, it works to serve the client through data tracking in the best way that it can. Take advantage of this software union by using all the features within Google Analytics.
  • WordPress also allows for separate plug-ins to be used on its software platform. If you have your own developer, you can also design your own plug-in. This would be compatible with WordPress.
  • WordPress is particularly effective to use for SEO purposes. Yoast is a secondary software that you can use with WordPress to create the best SEO options possible.
  • WordPress is a secure website to use. It updates repeatedly to ensure your safety and security on the platform. You are also allowed to use an outside security plug-in when you are using WordPress.
  • If you are not an individual or a small business, WordPress is still for you! You can use WordPress for your e-commerce needs. You could use outside software such as WooCommerce or Big Commerce. This would allow you to make a store.

With WordPress, your business will flourish, and your customers will be exceptionally happy. A San Diego web design company should attempt to use WordPress.

What are the steps to make a company website with WordPress for your small company?

  • Pick the name that will work for your domain. It should be memorable so that visitors do not get confused. You could register your domain through a registrar or a hosting service.
  • You also do not want to lose the data from your website. You need to invest in a website host. If you don’t have the resources to have an entire IT department, you should look to invest in a company such as Stage, to host your website.
  • A simple, but necessary step, is to download WordPress. Make you sure you give them all of your necessary information.
  • Decide upon a theme. This goes back to the excellent variety of themes and choices that WordPress has to offer. Choose one that represents you and your company in a clear and captivating way.
  • Again, if you would like to, download any necessary plug-ins to get your website up to your standards. Do research on your plug-ins. If you pick a fake or nefarious plug-in, it could devastatingly hurt your website.
  • Make sure your content speaks to your visitors. Create meaningful content, not just fluff.

After that, you’ll have a working, effective website. Congratulations!

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