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by | Apr 18, 2022

Animated Video Production Company in San Diego | Beehive Web Solutions


There are quite a few reasons why you need explainer videos to support the flourishing of your company.  Today we will be talking about 4 of the reasons why your business needs a San Diego animated explainer video production company in today’s market. 

  1) The first reason why your San Diego business needs an animated explainer video production company to help your own company is because of viewers’ focus abilities. The average viewer’s focus capability is extraordinarily low today. Therefore, to capture and keep the attention of viewers (who are also potential clients), you would benefit from an exciting video that draws them into learning about your company. This is a more unique approach than simply using regular ads. 

 2) The second reason why your San Diego business needs an explainer video production company is that the viewers remember the content of an explainer video better than another medium.  If the content marketing stays longer in the minds of viewers then they are more likely to become potential customers. When you increase customers, you increase revenue. Therefore, the more memorable your animated explainer video is, the more likely you are to increase revenue because of it.  

 3) The third reason why your San Diego Business needs a 2D explainer video production company is that an animated video created more loyal customers than other ways of reaching customers. Videos create closer bonds than any written content your website may provide to other loyal customers. Videos are direct, clear, and preferred to other means of outreach.

 4) The fourth reason why your San Diego business needs an explainer video production company is that we are a world of smartphone users. Why does this matter? It matters because animated explainer videos work extraordinarily well on smartphones. Therefore, this type of video is best accessed in the way most people prefer to access it. Again, this strategy will drive up viewers, customers, and revenue. 

There are many reasons to incorporate an animated explainer video on your website (see our work). These four are vital reasons to keep in mind as you decide, for the sake of your San Diego company, if you should hire a 2D Explainer video production company.   

There are some specific and helpful recommendations that you should also know to get the best-animated videos. Here are 7 recommendations of software for your hired animated video production company in San Diego to make the video the best it can possibly be: 

 1) Use Adobe Photoshop. It is a well-used and well-loved software. Most creators would be well-advised to use this to create top-notch animated videos for their clients. There are many options to pick from for the videos when using this software, which allows many types of businesses to profit from having the animated video production company use such a product. 

 2) Another software option for the San Diego animated video production company that you hire is Adobe After Effects. It works together with the previously mentioned software, Adobe Photoshop. This software allows for little details to be added to animated videos after the creation. It is the icing on the cake, so to speak.  

3) Go Animate should also be on the list to use for your animated video. It is simple for users to navigate and allows for your business to keep its unique style. A San Diego animated video production company would be wise to use such software. It helps bring the video from merely being in the mind of a creator to real life.  

 4) Maya is an excellent software to use for this type of creative work. The focus of Maya is 3D work. You can work in real-time and change all the details you need to change on your video.  

 5) Tell your San Diego animated video production company, that Blender is an excellent choice of software to use for your animated video creation process. It is a free option to use as well, which is an excellent perk. There is a variety available in the tools on Blender. Editing is available as well as the other tools on Blender.  

 6) The next option that your San Diego animated video production company should consider when making your animated video for your business is Videoscribe. Videoscribe has many options for you to choose from in their digital library.  

 7) If you’re looking for a software that is great for beginners, look no farther than Doodly! It is a simple platform to use. If your San Diego animated video production company needed somewhere to start, Doodly would most likely be a great option. 


After you have recognized the need for a video for your business due to customers’ focusing abilities, the excellent memorability of animated videos, the gathering of loyal customers due to video content, and the usability of animated videos on smartphones (the world’s preferred method of content reception), you are well on your way to solid motivation to get an animated video off the ground. A San Diego animated video production company would be wise to invest in a good software as well, as noted above. Again, the best options for the industry are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Go Animate, Maya, Blender, Videoscribe, and Doodly. Once you have chosen the software (or your San Diego animated video production company has chosen their software), you are one step closer to having your fantastic, animated video. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.  

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