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Revenue Increase Allows Cincinnati Bell to Build Fiber Optic Expansion

by | Aug 11, 2014

Revenue Increase Allows Cincinnati Bell to Build Fiber Optic Expansion

An amazing thing is happening at Cincinnati Bell in the area of jobs and fiber optic network growth. First, let’s talk about the amazing fiber-optic network growth that will be taking place at a very fast pace. According to Biz Journals, the CEO of Cincinnati Bell Ted Torbeck has a serious planning strategy for telecommunication growth. The company has intended to expand over the coming years because there has been a comfortable outcome in the 2nd quarter.

During this expansion, the company will be training technicians since it only takes exactly six weeks for training. The goal is to improve fiber with the conclusion of each training class. The CEO feels that will expand jobs at the company plus it will expand the fiber-optic network capability. As of now, 36% of the city is covered with fiber optics the goal is to provide consumers with 60 to 70% with fiber-optic networks by the end of 2017. The CEO feels quite strongly about this company growth and job growth being possible because of the net income results. Investors stand behind this idea and are ready for the next phase in company growth as the income made has paid down debt and there will be further savings made in the future. As of now revenue growth is $320 million and growing; image is on website for view. This is a well planned technical advancement for equipment placement.

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