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  • Be Boutique
  • Bela Development
  • Casa Zen
  • CLC Law Group
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture SD
  • Elizabeth J Home Design
  • Financial Accounting Services
  • First Bristol Corporation
  • FREDDY Jeans
  • Fun Field Trips
  • Global Cabinetry
  • Global Legal Law Firm
  • IMS Puerto Rico
  • Le Rêve Salon De Paris
  • LVC Vegas
  • Maximum Fix
  • McKinney’s Pool Service
  • MORE 2 You Law
  • Pines Chess
  • Purple Fencing Company
  • RevaPay
  • San Diego Payment
  • San Diego Time Zone
  • Sell & Buy Smart
  • Solana Beach Vacations
  • Strategic Healthcare Services
  • The RV Supercenter
  • The Water Conservation Garden
  • Total Brain Health
  • V Group
  • VIP Cosmetics

Be Boutique

Be Boutique was looking for an elegant and sophisticated website design update to help them drive more sales online and switch from Shopify. We created this new design to showcase their beautiful collection to the public and help them drive more website conversions from advertising initiatives.

We also created an updated categorized shop for easy clothing browsing, event galleries and calendars to promote in person attendance at the shop and have laid a foundation for SEO so we can begin driving organic traffic online. Our client is very plesaed with the final outcome and we had a wonderful time working with them on their project.

Bela Development

Bela Development was interested in pursuing a more modern and elegant look and feel for their website and branding. We updated their logo and website design to have a much more sleek and luxurious aesthetic. It was wonderful working with their team and seeing and experiencing first hand the quality work they do for their clients.

Casa Zen

Casa Zen wanted a sleek and modern redesign to showcase their incredible acupuncture business to the public.

We designed and developed a brand new design geared towards phone calls and message submissions.

Our client was extremely pleased with the result and we had a wonderful time working with them on the project.

CLC Law Group

Chisvin Law Group was looking for a more modern design to drive website consultation requests. We utilized imagery speaking to the employment law space and used bright and concise call to actions placed strategically throughout the website to drive website conversions.

Our client was very pleased with the new design and we had a wonderful time working with them on their project.

Cosmetic Acupuncture SD

Cosmetic Acupuncture SD was looking for a way to streamline their microneedling appointment bookings.

We designed and developed a brand new website and integrated appointments through their POS system so everything is connected.

Our client is getting compliments from customers on the new site and conversions have doubled. We had a wonderful time working with them on the project.

Elizabeth J Home Design

Elizabeth J Home Design was looking for a more modern and luxurious feel for their website to help them attract and sign clients and realtors with expansive and enchanting properties. We helped them significantly update their design to help them achieve their business goals. It was a pleasure working with their team!

Financial Accounting Services

FAS was interested in converting more of their website visitors into potential leads and eventually clients. We were happy to work with them to make their design more intriguing and including more call to actions to inspire their visitors to get in touch! Their site has been helping them make great strides in the fiscal year and we were honored to help.

First Bristol Corporation

First Bristol Corporation was looking for an elegant website redesign for their real estate development and management firm.

We redesigned their website to showcase their exquisite properties to the public and provide a smooth and intuitive medium for potential clients and partners to get in touch.


FREDDY Pants were looking for a unique and impressive design to open with their new international stores in Israel. Beehive was honored to be a part of their multilanguage website project and to assist them in streamlining their sales processes for their international clientele.

Fun Field Trips

Fun Field Trips was a project for Ms. Smarty Plants™ and The Water Conservation Garden in order to drive virtual field trips for students and teachers social distancing during 2020. We streamlined their previous system to automate virtual field trip bookings, payments and follow up surveys. By updating their website they were able to spend more time on planning field trips instead of follow up, phone tag and invoicing! We were pleased we were able to meet their goals and had a great time working with them on their project.

Global Cabinetry

This project was multifacted and required a WordPress frontend for subscription purposes and a Netsuite backend for inventory and shipping management .

We had a great time working with this incredible team.

Global Legal Law Firm

Gloabl Legal Law Firm was looking for a clean and simple landing page to convert their advertising traffic into leads.

We built out the motif with beach imagery to entice prospective clients to get in touch and to reflect their easygoing approach and local atmosphere.

Our client was extremely pleased with the result and we had a wonderful time working with them on the project.

IMS Puerto Rico

We redesigned IMS Puerto Rico's website to complement an animation video for their outbound sales team, incorporating their logo aesthetics and Puerto Rican imagery to focus on payments.

Our goal was to provide their sales team with effective marketing tools and a strong foundation for growing their online presence. Our client is very pleased with their new website and we had a wonderful time working with their team.

Le Rêve Salon De Paris

Le Rêve Salon De Paris wanted an aesthetically pleasing design to help them earn their target markets trust and interest before they even picked up the phone. Our new design has doubled their online conversion rate.

LVC Vegas

LVC was looking for a cutting edge, fun and exciting design for their bottle service clientele all over the world. We used bright and strong aesthetics and DJ imagery and people clubbing throughout the website to speak to their target market demographic and stylishly convey their expertise.

Our client loved the website and we had a great time working with them on their project.

Maximum Fix

Maximum Fix was looking for a clean and modern website update to help drive consultation requests and online product sales.  We redesigned their website, added an e-commerce shop, built a sharp and powerful conversion page and updated the design to showcase their quality repair work and expertise. Our client was thrilled with their new website and we had a fantastic time working with them on their project.

McKinney’s Pool Service

McKinney’s Pool ( was looking for an updated design to drive pool service sign ups as well as begin selling pool products on the internet.

We built them a beautiful redesign matching their original logo aesthetics, created an e-signature mechanism to streamline pool service customer sign ups and built a new e-commerce shop for them to sell pool equipment and supplies.

They’re getting a terrific response from the public and are confident this website has everything needed to help them scale their business.

MORE 2 You Law

MORE 2 You Law, P.C. was looking for assistance building a website that would help them drive conversions and ultimately, gain new clients. MORE 2 You Law specializes in providing their clients with a better contingency fee than most law firms in Alabama and Florida, which means their clients receive more of their settlement money than they would with other law firms. We understood the importance of showcasing this unique selling point on their website, and we worked closely with the team at MORE 2 You Law to ensure that this message was clearly communicated on their new site. We're excited to continue working with them on the next phase of their project, putting their marketing assets to work for them on advertising campaigns.

Pines Chess

This fun project was for a sharp and prodigious young man with a knack for chess and for his parents who wanted to teach him about earning money.

We built this chess lessons site for this incredible young man and had a terrific time on the project.

Purple Fencing Company

Purple Fencing Company was looking for a clean and modern website update to help drive new fencing job consultation requests. 

We built a captivating and intuitive design to help clients find their conversion landing page in order to reach out to discuss a new project.  Our client is very happy with the outcome and has received a fantastic response from their target market.


RevaPay was looking for a modern and compelling design to showcase their cutting edge blockchain payment platform. We were honored to be a part of this project and look forward to see the great work they do in the coming years!

San Diego Payment

San Diego Payment wanted help building a clean website to help them drive financial services sales. We created a unique logo for them based on their specifications and then tailored the website aesthetic around it.

Our client is very pleased with the project and is already using it to drive new business. We had a great time working with them on their project.

San Diego Time Zone

San Diego Time Zone was long overdue for a quality website update to represent their exquisite work and watch expertise. We worked closely with our client to create a modern and elegant website design update reflecting their vast collection of luxury timepieces and demonstrating their mastery of their craft. This included using a unique 1973 Omega ticking in the banner to entice his audience and give a subtle clue to the caliber of watches they service.

Our client was very pleased with their new website and we had a wonderful time working with them on their project.

Sell & Buy Smart

Sell & Buy Smart wanted to step up their marketing to get more conversion on their website. We kept the old aesthetic and gave it a nice redesign to streamline conversions.

Our client was extremely pleased with the result and we had a wonderful time working with them on the project.

Solana Beach Vacations

Solana Beach Vacations was looking for a new logo and clean website design to help them increase their vacation rental sales. We were happy to assist. Their updated design has helped them sign significantly more vacation rental clients in 2019 and we’re excited to see their growth in the future.

Strategic Healthcare Services

Strategic Healthcare Services was looking for a modern and cpativating website design update to help them capture more consultation requests for their niche. We used powerful fonts and healthcare and financial related imagery to tell their company story with clear call to actions to drive more engagement with their traffic.

Our client was very pleased with their new website and we had a wonderful time working with them on their project.

The RV Supercenter

Our team developed this concept design for The RV Supercenter to demonstrate how we could improve the effectiveness of their website for converting visitors into leads. We restructured their content and added clear calls to action to encourage users to request consultations.

Our goal was to enhance the user experience and maximize the impact of their online marketing efforts. Our client was very happy with the new design and we have plans to build it out for them in Q1 of this year.

The Water Conservation Garden

The Water Conservation Garden was looking for a modern redesign to help with donations, membership purchases and event registrations.

We updated their design to be more conversion driven and user friendly for their diverse audience, integrated Salesforce APIs into their website to streamline their member intake process, created a clean and structured hierarchy for their past publications, integrated event management with e-commerce and lastly were able to secure a Google Ad Grant for them to turn free advertising dollars into memberships, donations, and revenue. We had a wonderful time working their team and wish them the best as they educate the public on the incredible importance of water conservation.

Total Brain Health

Total Brain Health was looking for a fresh and modern design to showcase their incredible neurofeedback work. We took their existing brand and redesigned everything from a to z starting with their logo. We then leaned into the logo color aesthetics and designed a beautiful design to drive new patient requests and consultation inquiries. Our client was very pleased with their new website and we look forward to helping them drive traffic in 2023.

V Group

We are thrilled to announce the completion of a website redesign project for V Group, a leading print and signage company based in San Diego. As a company that works with stadiums, arenas, and businesses big and small, V Group was looking for a website that not only showcased their expertise but also made it easier for potential clients to get in touch with them. We worked closely with the V Group team to create a stunning redesign that not only looks great but also simplifies the website conversion process and streamlines business inquiries. Our design team focused on creating a visually appealing website with easy navigation and clear calls-to-action, making it effortless for visitors to learn more about V Group's services and get in touch with them. During the project, we learned about V Group's unique approach to their business, which involves tailoring their services to the needs of each client. They specialize in providing custom signage solutions to stadiums, arenas, and businesses, regardless of their size or scope. This personalized approach to business aligns perfectly with our philosophy of putting the client's needs first and tailoring our services to match their requirements. We were honored to work with V Group on their website redesign project, and we are thrilled to hear that they love the final outcome. It was a terrific experience working with their team, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future.

VIP Cosmetics

This project required a WordPress frontend for purchases, dropshipping integrations and a connection to their point of sale so all sales were logged in their inventory catalog.

We also configured user asccounts for sales managers and payment tracking so they had robust KPIs for internal sales goals.