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  • CLC Law Group
  • Global Legal Law Firm
  • MORE 2 You Law

CLC Law Group

Chisvin Law Group was looking for a more modern design to drive website consultation requests. We utilized imagery speaking to the employment law space and used bright and concise call to actions placed strategically throughout the website to drive website conversions.

Our client was very pleased with the new design and we had a wonderful time working with them on their project.

Global Legal Law Firm

Gloabl Legal Law Firm was looking for a clean and simple landing page to convert their advertising traffic into leads.

We built out the motif with beach imagery to entice prospective clients to get in touch and to reflect their easygoing approach and local atmosphere.

Our client was extremely pleased with the result and we had a wonderful time working with them on the project.

MORE 2 You Law

MORE 2 You Law, P.C. was looking for assistance building a website that would help them drive conversions and ultimately, gain new clients. MORE 2 You Law specializes in providing their clients with a better contingency fee than most law firms in Alabama and Florida, which means their clients receive more of their settlement money than they would with other law firms. We understood the importance of showcasing this unique selling point on their website, and we worked closely with the team at MORE 2 You Law to ensure that this message was clearly communicated on their new site. We're excited to continue working with them on the next phase of their project, putting their marketing assets to work for them on advertising campaigns.