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  • Avocado Insurance
  • Rachel Couture
  • San Diego Time Zone
  • The RV Supercenter
  • TITAN Fire Protection
  • Urban Property Group

Avocado Insurance

Avocado Insurance needed a fun and playful design to help with website conversion. We created this unique aesthetic inspired by their logo and utilized clear call to actions to drive sign ups for their insurance business.They were very pleased with the design and we had a great time working with them on the project.

Rachel Couture

We created this concept design for Rachel Couture to show them how we could help them build a beautiful website for their new brand.

San Diego Time Zone

San Diego Time Zone was long overdue for a quality website update to represent their exquisite work and watch expertise. We worked closely with our client to create a modern and elegant website design update reflecting their vast collection of luxury timepieces and demonstrating their mastery of their craft. This included using a unique 1973 Omega ticking in the banner to entice his audience and give a subtle clue to the caliber of watches they service.

Our client was very pleased with their new website and we had a wonderful time working with them on their project.

The RV Supercenter

Our team developed this concept design for The RV Supercenter to demonstrate how we could improve the effectiveness of their website for converting visitors into leads. We restructured their content and added clear calls to action to encourage users to request consultations.

Our goal was to enhance the user experience and maximize the impact of their online marketing efforts. Our client was very happy with the new design and we have plans to build it out for them in Q1 of this year.

TITAN Fire Protection

TITAN Fire Protection Inc. contacted Beehive for a long overdue website redesign as well as a captivating animation asset for ongoing advertising initiatives.

We redesigned their website utilizing the same aesthetic from their original logo and created a unique animation video to get through to their target market demographic. We built out their website with call to actions and cues to encourage their website visitors to send in consultation requests with an intuitive conversion page to drive form submissions.

Our client’s very happy with both projects and now we're actively utilizing these marketing assets to turn website traffic into new business.

Urban Property Group

Urban Property Group was looking for a sharp and professional website redesign to help them drive more real estate inquiries and appointments.

We added a captivating video banner to give a fantastic first impression from the second the website loads, created property search functionality to easily browse their buildings, and upgraded the aesthetics to speak more to their urban property focus.

We had a terrific time working with our client on this project and are happy we we were able to create a solution to help them easily manage listings and grow their real estate empire.