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  • LVC Vegas
  • New Image Productions
  • Seth Wordsmith
  • The Music Company
  • Yaniv Raz

LVC Vegas

LVC was looking for a cutting edge, fun and exciting design for their bottle service clientele all over the world. We used bright and strong aesthetics and DJ imagery and people clubbing throughout the website to speak to their target market demographic and stylishly convey their expertise.

Our client loved the website and we had a great time working with them on their project.

New Image Productions

We created this concept design to show New Image Productions what a conversion optimized version of their website would look like. We utilized artistic tones and runway imagery to evoke feelings one experiences at one of their actual fashion events.

Seth Wordsmith

Seth was looking for a new and improved website to drive voiceover consultation requests and to simplify purchases for fully trademarked recordings for film, television, video games and more.

We created a unique design speaking to his voiceover expertise as well as the fantasy subjects he typically covers in his narrarations, and short stories. We also added an e-commerce shop so his customers could easily purchase jobs directly from his website in real time.

Our client’s very happy with his new website and we had a terrific time working with him on his project.

The Music Company

The Music Company was looking for a fresh design for their nonprofit.

We created this concept design to show them what we could do to help them drive donations, memberships and event sales.

Yaniv Raz

Yaniv Raz is a seasoned veteran of the film business in Hollywood. He was looking for a fresh redesign to showcase his portfolio and new movie being featured on hulu to the public. We created a new design with a high end feel and strong black and white aesthetics to highlight his new movie as well drive traffic to view his newest projects. He loved his new website and has received a terrific response.