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  • Ariel Raz
  • Dallas County Medical Society Alliance Foundation
  • Fun Field Trips
  • Marisa Hennessey Foundation
  • Michigan Leadership Connections
  • Strauss Family Foundation
  • The Music Company

Ariel Raz

Mr. Raz was looking for a clean and modern website design update that adequately reflected his design thinking expertise at Stanford. We created a minimalist design with fun 3d shapes to speak to the spatial reasoning exercises and creative problem solving his work at the D School pioneers on a daily basis. Our client loved the new design and the project is currently in development to be utilized in 2023.

Dallas County Medical Society Alliance Foundation

Dallas County Medical Society was looking for a more elegant and modern website for their nonprofit needs and initiatives.

Fun Field Trips

Fun Field Trips was a project for Ms. Smarty Plants™ and The Water Conservation Garden in order to drive virtual field trips for students and teachers social distancing during 2020. We streamlined their previous system to automate virtual field trip bookings, payments and follow up surveys. By updating their website they were able to spend more time on planning field trips instead of follow up, phone tag and invoicing! We were pleased we were able to meet their goals and had a great time working with them on their project.

Marisa Hennessey Foundation

The Marisa Hennessey Foundation asked for our help in designing a new website for their nonprofit organization. We decided to use pink colors and imagery related to nonprofits to convey a sense of hope and a sense of community. We also included a prominent call to action for visitors to sign up for their email list, as building an email list is an important part of any nonprofit's marketing efforts. It was an honor to work with the Marisa Hennessey Foundation and we wish them all the best with their nonprofit endeavors.

Michigan Leadership Connections

Michigan Leadership Connections contacted Beehive for a clean and modern website update.

We redesigned their website utilizing the same aesthetic from their original logo and created a nicer presentation of articles and information relevant to their members.  We also built in call to actions and cues to encourage their website visitors to sign up to join their organization.

Our client’s very happy with the outcome and we had a terrific time working with them on their project.

Strauss Family Foundation

The Strauss Family Foundation was looking for help redesigning their website in order to help inspire an appreciation and understanding of art. We completely redesigned their website to showcase their beautiful art collection and featured artists, added a layer of e-commerce for book purchases(Matt’s Art Almanac) and streamlined their internal process for art gallery viewings requests.

Our client is very happy with the outcome and we had a fantastic time working with them.

The Music Company

The Music Company was looking for a fresh design for their nonprofit.

We created this concept design to show them what we could do to help them drive donations, memberships and event sales.