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  • Be Boutique
  • BeautyUp
  • Le Rêve Salon De Paris
  • Rachel Couture
  • Texas Cosmetics Co
  • VIP Cosmetics

Be Boutique

Be Boutique was looking for an elegant and sophisticated website design update to help them drive more sales online and switch from Shopify. We created this new design to showcase their beautiful collection to the public and help them drive more website conversions from advertising initiatives.

We also created an updated categorized shop for easy clothing browsing, event galleries and calendars to promote in person attendance at the shop and have laid a foundation for SEO so we can begin driving organic traffic online. Our client is very plesaed with the final outcome and we had a wonderful time working with them on their project.


BeautyUp was looking for a clean and modern design to showcase their AR (augmented reality) nail salon technology to the world and to initiate app downloads. We created this beautiful aesthetic to represent the unlimited range of designs their robust technology boasts. We had a fantastic time working with our project and look forward to seeing how they revolutionize the world of augmented reality in the coming months.

Le Rêve Salon De Paris

Le Rêve Salon De Paris wanted an aesthetically pleasing design to help them earn their target markets trust and interest before they even picked up the phone. Our new design has doubled their online conversion rate.

Rachel Couture

We created this concept design for Rachel Couture to show them how we could help them build a beautiful website for their new brand.

Texas Cosmetics Co

Texas Cosmetics Company was looking for a fresh design for their cosmetics brand.

We created this concept design to show them what we could do to help them drive more website conversion and sales online.

VIP Cosmetics

This project required a WordPress frontend for purchases, dropshipping integrations and a connection to their point of sale so all sales were logged in their inventory catalog.

We also configured user asccounts for sales managers and payment tracking so they had robust KPIs for internal sales goals.