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Moneta Fortunata

We created this unique animation to tell the artistic story of Moneta Fortunata and the exceptional handbags they carry. We utilized a style of animation known as 'rotoscoping' to add animation into existing video footage as we felt it would accentuate the beauty and elegance of the Moneta Fortunata brand. Our client is thrilled with how everything came together and we're poised for amazing year of marketing ahead with this video in our arsenal.


Brown Monarch

We created this advertisement as a breadcrumb to entice art buyers to visit Brown Monarch, a new website we recently launched for a client on the East Coast. We wanted to help people visualize the way art makes you feel and how it changes the energy of an environment when it's added to a room. Our clients loved the animation and we had a wonderful time working with them on their project.


Don Quixote

We created this advertisement which tells the story of Don Quixotes adventure learning about online advertising and how it could help his business grow. We wanted to tell a clever story that was relatable for our target market and felt Don Quixote was the perfrect medium to convey the benefits of digital marketing in a fun way.


IMS Puerto Rico

IMS Puerto Rico was looking for a captivating spanish advertisement to get new credit card processing clients in Puerto Rico. We created this animation to highlight their services and showcase the product offerings they have available for business owners. Our client was very pleased with the final result and we had a wonderful time working with them on their project.

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