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by | Jun 6, 2022

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How to Make Use of Google Ads

Are you looking for a PPC Company San Diego? If you’re looking for a fantastic choice for your company, look no farther than choosing Google Ads.

This statement is not hyperbole!

Google Ads has 3.5 billion searches on it every day of the year. The more people search, the more the possibility of your brand being observed goes up.

If this is done, then your chances of making more sales goes up.

This is why you should use Google Ads for your business, especially if you’re looking for something like a PPC Company San Diego.

If a person searches a similar word in relation to your products, then Google Ads helps your company appear when that search occurs. This is something to keep in mind when working with a PPC Company San Diego.

Are you wondering how Google Ads does what it does? We will explain so you can get started for your company and make your company even more successful than it already is.

Google Ads: A Definition

Google created a marketing service that people must pay to use. This excellent service is Google Ads. The previous name for Google Ads was Google Adwords. The name changed in 2018.

If someone googles a specific word, what appears back to him/her after the search is their search answer along with a paid ad related to what he/she searched.

Even if you buy an ad, that does not mean that you’ll be one of the first ads on the page. Many other people may be trying to market to the same searches. You will have competition when using a PPC Company San Diego and when using Google Ads.

Google Ads: The Process

The PPC process is the Google Ads process. As mentioned before, there is a competition to market to the same searches and viewers. PPC Company San Diego would be useful when you’re trying to reach specific people and their interests, as would Google Ads. One will have to make a bid to compete for the ads. If you win, you’ve made the highest bid and your ad will appear to the specific searches you are looking for. You can make your settings so that your bids will never go past a certain amount every day. This way you’ll know how much you’re spending, and this would be important for a PPC Company San Diego.

There are different ways for people to use their bids. The ads also get a ranking from Google. You would want a high score (out of a 1-10 scale). Your ranking from Google, along with how much you bid, determines where your ad will be when someone searches for something similar to your ad. There is a payment from the advertising company (something like a PPC Company San Diego) when a viewer clicks on their ad. There are many different varieties of Google Ads that one can use.

Take Advantage of Google Keyword Planner
Need help selecting a keyword? Use Google Keyword Planner because that’s what it’s for!
It would be good for a PPC Company San Diego to know how to use this product. Want to know how to use the Google Keyword Planner? Here’s how to use Google Keyword Planner: If a person looks up a word similar to your companies’ products, it will collect information about each of those searches for you. You’ll also learn how much money to spend on such a word search so that you’re putting your money where it can do the most good for your business.
You will be able to make smarter choices when you use Google Keyword Planner for your PPC Company San Diego.
Here are the steps to use the Google Keyword Planner:

Step 1: Find the Keyword Planner
If you go to the Google Keyword Planner online, then you should find the “Go to Keyword Planner” option in the middle of the screen. Select this option.

Step 2: Create your profile
Remember to log-in to your account with Google. After you do that, select “New Google Ads Account. Next, make sure to finalize your company’s information. You must select where you live, what time it is where you live, and what the currency of your country is. After all of this, select “Submit.” After you click that, you will see a “congratulations” message. After you see this, select “Explore Your Campaign.”

Step 3: Explore Google Keyword Planner
After you see your home screen, go to “Tools & Settings.” From there, you can select “Keyword Planner.” You’ll be able to explore the Google Keyword Planner then. If you want to discover new words to focus on, there is a tool that helps you find new words to focus on Google Keyword Planner.
If you select ‘Get Results.” you will get a new list of words to focus on and also tell you about searches, what the competition is, and the different pricing bids.
Ideas about new words to focus on will also appear. These are the early steps to using Google Keyword Planner.

What is the best way to market your company using Google? (The Easy Option)
There are various avenues one can use to market a business on Google. If you have never marketed your business before, you will discover an easy process to create a Google Ad. If you have done this type of marketing before, you may jump to the next section instead of staying in this particular section.

If you have not done this marketing before, continue to read this part of the article. You need a Google profile in order to market your company on Google. After you’ve created a profile, you can get started with marketing your business through Google.

Step 1: Visualize your future
Go to the Google Ads home. Select “Start Now.”
If this takes you to the dashboard, then you should select “New Campaign”
After you are here, it’s time to select your goals. These goals will give Google all the information it needs to help you succeed with your PPC Company San Diego.

Step 2: Select a company name and specific words that go with it

After you’ve selected the goals that are important to you, select “Next.” You will then have to give them your company’s name. After you do that, select “Next” once again. Then you will include your company’s URL. This is so that people who select your ad will go to your webpage.
After you do all this, it is time to select words that go with your marketing.
Select “Next” again.

Step 3: Select the viewers you want
When you are on the following page, you can select who you want to view your marketing. You can select a particular place or use a general area to market to. Pick where you want to target viewers and then select “Next.”

Step 4: Create an awesome advertisement

You get to have some fun with this next task of awesome ad creation.
When you are at this point, you will write all the different text for your Google ad. You can also preview your work as you go along, which is a helpful feature, especially for newbies. Google makes suggestions available along this journey of marketing creation. You will have guidelines, so don’t worry too much! The important part about creating an amazing advertisement is that you know who you are writing for. You don’t need anything special in order to create fantastic advertisements. The main thing you (and the PPC Company San Diego) need is a deep knowledge base of your viewers.

Step 5: Create the billing process
This is a pretty easy process to follow. Give all of your billing details and coupons or special deals (if you have any). Select “Submit.” After that, pat yourself on the back because you just made a Google Ad for the first time! You also should analyze the Google Ad with Google Analytics.

What is the best way to market your company using Google? (The Difficult Option)
The following is a more practical way to create a Google Ad for your company (or PPC Company San Diego). Keep in mind that this option presupposes you already gave your billing details where necessary. Go to “Tools & Settings” from your dashboard if you need to still give your billing details.
Step 1: Visualize your targets
Go to the first page of Google Ads. Next, select “Start Now.” You should then go to “New Campaign.” It will then be time to select your campaign targets. These targets will tell Google that you want to focus on particular users.
You can choose different campaigns as well. Select which campaign you want, and then select continue.
Step 2: Decide on goals and money

In a search campaign, you can select where you want your ad to pop up. You can select many details regarding the audience it goes to. Be specific on who the ad goes to. This will help you in the long run more than just sending the ad to too many people that aren’t interested in the topic. If you have a company that is only in one place, it might be a good idea to focus on that city when advertising.
If you stay on to the next part, you’ll see that you can discover how to work with the actual money processes for your ads (budgets, bids, etc.).
In the upcoming part of this article, you will figure out how to add extensions to ads. These extensions are extra text that go with your ad. If you add this extra text to your add, you will help the ad be better than it was before. Before finalizing this process, make sure you select “Save and Continue.”

Step 3: Create the ad sections
A section of ads have the same goals and same styles.Here’s one example: If you have many ads related to pools, pool floats, and swimming, you should think about creating an ad section or an ad group for “Pools.” You should enter your specific words or URL. After this happens, then Google will fill those in. After you add the specific words for the ad section, you should select “Save and Continue.”

Step 4: Create the advertisement
Get ready to make the ad come to fruition. You will write all of the copy for the advertisement in this part. You can even preview it as you go! Select “Done.”
Step 5: Edit and Submit
Look over your ad plan. Confirm that any problems are fixed. If everything is confirmed to be okay, select “Publish.”

What is the best way to analyze your Google Ad?
The only way you’re going to progress from your Google Ads is if you are keeping track and observing the data. You won’t learn much nor progress much for your PPC Company San Diego if you aren’t analyzing data. If you observe the details of the data, you will learn what to do to make your next marketing processes better than they were before you analyzed the data.
In order for all of this to happen, you should connect Google Ads to Google Analytics.
After you have a profile with Google Analytics, do the following items to bring Google Ads and Google Analytics together:
1.Select your Google Ads profile.
2.Go to the “Tools” option.
3.Go to “Set-up” and then select “Linked Accounts.”
4.Select “Details.”
5.You can see Google Analytics on particular websites. Select “Set-up Link.”
6.Select “Save.”

After doing all of these steps, you will be able to see important details involving money regarding your advertisements and click information regarding your advertisements. A PPC Company San Diego would be wise to analyze this information. You must analyze all of this information if you want to do well in marketing your company in the future. Data is powerful if used properly. After you do all of these analytics related items, you should create tags so that you can view the transaction that comes about due to your company’s Google Ads. This is also powerful information to know.

How to create a fantastic Google Ad Campaign
The question on everyone’s mind when they look into Google Ads is how can I make this useful and successful for my business.
If you desire to create an excellent Google Ad Campaign, take a look at the steps after this. If you follow the steps below, you will most likely have an excellent Google Ad campaign.
Create a good page for users to land on
If you select an ad, it’s normal for you to get redirected to a landing page. This is a user’s regular experience with ads. It is very important that a prospective client/user go through this important ad process. This is imperative to a PPC Company San Diego as well as most companies. Your page where users land should not confuse your viewers nor scare them away. In fact, your landing page should inspire your viewers to have an action plan. The landing page should be accessible to view at a glance and not overly complicated. There should be a clear target as to what the landing page should say and there should not be any paragraphs upon paragraphs of boring copy for the potential customers to have to read through.
The way to get people to register to get your newsletter is to place the sign-up spot in a very obvious location. Place the sign-up spot in a place that people cannot miss it.
Would you like people to buy more products and services from you and your company? Add personalized stories about your products and services and also add lots of places where people can buy your product or service. Don’t hide your product from a potential client!
No matter what your vision is, you should review research regarding the creation of powerful and impactful pages for potential customers to land.
Get a great headline
Google Ad needs an amazing headline so that it can grip the potential customer into clicking.This is one, if not the most, important detail of the process.

Why is it so important?
When a customer clicks on an ad and is taken to a landing page, a headline pops in the face of a potential customer before they see or read anything else about the business, product, or service. This headline must grab attention over all the other headlines that are on Google in the first section potential customers see. You must create an attention grabbing, witty, and clear headline in order for it to help make you as successful as possible.
How do you make excellent headlines? One of the best ways to have successful headlines is to not use clickbait as your marketing plan. People do not appreciate clickbait. You will lose your brand’s good name and annoy all of the people that clicked on the link in the first place. You will isolate your company away from the good potential customers. Make sure that your headlines are clear, honest, witty, and well-written.

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