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Michigan Leadership Connections

by | Dec 1, 2021


Michigan Leadership Connections contacted Beehive for a clean and modern website update.

We redesigned their website utilizing the same aesthetic from their original logo and created a nicer presentation of articles and information relevant to their members.  We also built in call to actions and cues to encourage their website visitors to sign up to join their organization.

Our client’s very happy with the outcome and we had a terrific time working with them on their project.


School Superintendent Club for Student Development


HTML/CSS, Web Design & Development




“We began working with Alex in 2020 on our small business website. He was amazing to work with and catered to exactly what we wanted. Our website was extremely well put together and reflected exactly what we wanted.

I would recommend Beehive to any business looking for the best professional quality work and a friendly and supportive partner.”

-John Spicko, CEO

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Lisa Harrison

Founder, Be Boutique

Alex solved my issue quickly and professionally. Look forward to working with him again soon.