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McKinney’s Pool Service Inc.

by | Aug 19, 2021

McKinney’s Pool Case Study

McKinney’s Pool makes a Splash with Online Advertising

McKinney’s Pool Service is a family-owned & operated swimming pool service & equipment installation company based in San Diego.  They offer weekly pool cleaning services, Pool Equipment Installation, Water Analysis & most pool repair services any pool owner could think of.  McKinney’s Pool also offers terrific pool servicing packages with quality work, customer service & a dedicated team of experts.

McKinney’s Pool Service prides itself on being a distinctly different kind of pool service company with a primary focus on customer experience and satisfaction.  They make communication a priority and their customers always know they’re a phone call away to help answer any questions and expedite any repairs needed.

McKinney’s Pool Service Inc.

KPIs Improved


Increase in Paid Traffic in the First 90 days


Increase in Organic Traffic in the First 90 days


Increase in Conversion Rate on New Website


Decrease in Cost-Per-Click In First 60 Days


Increase in Leads in the First 60 Days


Decrease in Cost-Per-Lead in the First 60 Days


Increase in Phone Calls

Outdated Website Needs a Service

In spite of quality customer service and referrals, McKinney’s Pool Service Inc. found their website wasn’t meeting their standards or helping them drive sufficient conversion to grow their customer base.They realized it was time to get serious about their web presence and online advertising initiatives and reached out to Beehive with 2 goals:

  • Streamline Pool Service Sign Ups & Consultation Requests
  • Build an E-commerce Pool Shop for Client Purchases

The new website we built out for McKinney’s a delivered a973% increase in organic traffic along with a 1,189% increase in paid traffic.  This helped significantly grow brand awareness in San Diego and provided a greater opportunity to drive more business.

Since their website launch and advertising campaign inception, website conversion rate increased 163% along with an 82% increase in phone call leads.  Beehive’s top-notch digital marketing & web development strategy helped secure McKinney’s top position in Google for the right keywords that help get real results.

Custom Animation Streamlines Conversion

Beehive Web Solutions also created a custom animation for online advertising for McKinney’s Pool Service Inc. This asset has driven tremendous exposure, clicks and most importantly, website conversion. The client loved the video we created and it’s getting fantastic results.

Great Results in 90 Days

The partnership between McKinney’s Pool Service Inc. and Beehive Web Solutions yielded quick results in just 90 days. When it comes to Pool Cleaning, Pool Equipment Installation, Water Analysis & Pool Repair, McKinney’s Pool has the expertise to deliver beyond expectation. Their decision to extend their high-quality in-person services to a high-quality online experience will go a long way in supporting their future success.

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Client Review:

“Alex and his team are absolutely top-notch web developers. I originally hired Beehive to create a basic landing page to legitimize my business on Yelp. Because I was already doing well on Yelp, and getting a satisfactory number of conversions, I didn’t think I really needed much else to grow my business. But that’s the problem with limited thinking! Thankfully Alex is not only an excellent website developer, he also has a very creative business mind. People are already signing up using the new feature Alex created and my head is spinning at how fast we are growing. There are so many other things that Alex has done for my business — creating a small e-commerce store to sell my best products, animation conveying what my company does — the list goes on. You will not be disappointed hiring Beehive. They really are the best.”

-Matthew McKinney, CEO

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