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Marijuana and the Internet of Things

by | Oct 25, 2017

Marijuana and the Internet of Things

In our day to day technologically enhanced society we are confronted with smart devices seemingly around every single corner. Need to adjust your thermostat away from home? No problem. Running out of milk? Have the fridge schedule an Amazon delivery. As they say, the times are changing.
But what about IoT and marijuana? How could this interaction affect this burgeoning industry? IoT has already been changing the landscape by saving resources and time & expanding opportunities.

Marijuana can now be geotracked and located simply via social media.  The metadata can expose information that people are simply not aware of.  Human error, in of itself, has the ability to jeopardize extensive business operations.  That being said there is also a positive side to the technology end of the marijuana industry.  These tools embolden MMJ pioneers in increasing their yields, making more effective strains for medical patients, and streamlines the growing process.

One company launched a hydroponic “countertop ‘SmartPlanter,” for home cultivation.  PotBot, a medical cannabis recommendation engine that recommends custom strains, and consumption methods to patients cannabinoid levels, via in-store kiosks, desktop, and mobile apps.

Have your own product or technology tool you think can help the marijuana industry?  Email us at and let us know so we can show the world how your product can revolutionize this industry!
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