101 Startup Marketing

Congratulations! You have successfully started your new business. Now it is time for the real challenge- getting paying customers. Marketing for startups can be challenging because people do not know about your products or services yet.

First, you must come up with a plan so as to avoid the following mistakes;

  • Blindly chasing your competitors
  • Low-quality content
  • Focus on the wrong audience
  • Frugality

Here are a few marketing tips for your startup:

1. Be original!


Have a great name already?  Wonderful.  Create a logo that resonates with  your industry and stands out.  You didn’t go into business to be a cookie cutter so don’t be scared to be original!

Build a website that works in conjunction with your logos aesthetics to embolden your brand to your target market and show them your expertise and experience right out the gate.  Have clear call to actions so they know how to reach you.

2. Email marketing


Collect email addresses of prospective clients and send them promotional emails about your startup. Do not shy from asking clients for their email addresses but do not insist either. Limit the commercial content in your emails so that you do not push people to unsubscribe from receiving your emails. The more diverse your content, the more people will look forward to receiving them.

3. Start blogging


Start a blog that talks about relevant topics your target audience is interested in. Make sure that the content is not only fresh and original but also specific to  your industry. Keep it exciting and update it regularly.

Use keywords that people are interested in so that you may appear at the top of online search results over time. Share the link to your blog with as many people as you can on social channels to start driving organic traffic to your business.

2. More social media


Get on social media and stay there. Keep your audience engaged with interactive posts, educative videos, and insightful questions. Make sure that people learn something every time they visit your page. Remember to be original and creative with your posts to keep your page interesting.

4. Use social media


Create social media pages for your startup where you can interact professionally with clients. Allow people to ask questions and answer them courteously and comprehensively. Your customers will thank you for the free information!

Encourage customers to leave reviews and describe their experience with your products or services. Track customers’ comments to see the areas that you need to improve on. Handle negative reviews professionally. Use them as an opportunity to find out what your customers like. Respond to messages regularly and remember to make your customers feel special!

5. Giveaways


You may need to give away some products for free so as to build a reputation for yourself. Free things are also attractive to many people and they will rush to purchase from you if they stand to get a free gift.

4. Automated email marketing


A huge number of adult patients value communication from their doctor. Send emails to your patients to request a referral, remind them of an appointment, give health news, remind them of a due check-up or announce new technology. They will likely feel very valued and keep coming back.

6. Referrals


Simply ask your customers to refer you to other people. People are likely to buy from you if you are recommended by someone close to them.

7. Invest in Pay Per Click


Even a small pay per click budget can save you significant time in growing your startup business. We recommend business owners take advertising seriously and prioritize making a budget to begin driving clicks and potential customers to your website.

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