The Ins and Outs of Retail Marketing

What’s the best way for retail establishments to meet their marketing goals? What do you do when you cannot meet the sales target? Perhaps you are making sales but are still looking to grow your business. No matter the situation, what you need to do is make more people interested in your products; this awareness can be achieved through retail marketing. Below are several tips for marketing your retail business;

1. Have a modern, attractive and intuitive website


Having a nice website is key to building credibility and getting more sales.  When you have a beautiful website that’s easy to navigate you increase the probability of a potential customer becoming a lifetime customer.  Beehive has been helping business owners increase their website conversion rate for over 10 years.  Let us know how we can help you make a statement on the web.

2. Provide a unique experience


The truth is that the market is flooded with products just like yours. It is no longer enough to sell quality products. Consider how you treat customers during and after a sale. Do you answer all their questions about the product? Do you actually listen to what they want? Do you tell them about better alternatives? Do you follow up post-sale to confirm that they were satisfied? If not then this is the time to start.

3. Give people offers that they cannot resist


Offers and discounts encourage people to keep coming back to your store. They can definitely find the same products elsewhere unless you give them a reason to visit your store.

2. More social media


Get on social media and stay there. Keep your audience engaged with interactive posts, educative videos, and insightful questions. Make sure that people learn something every time they visit your page. Remember to be original and creative with your posts to keep your page interesting.

4. Research! Research! Research!


You can never know too much about your customers, employees or competitors. Keep finding new ways to improve your business and increase sales.

5. Call to actions


Encourage customers to purchase from you NOW. Make sure they feel they will miss out unless they take action immediately.

4. Automated email marketing


A huge number of adult patients value communication from their doctor. Send emails to your patients to request a referral, remind them of an appointment, give health news, remind them of a due check-up or announce new technology. They will likely feel very valued and keep coming back.

5. Connect with your local community


Interact with local community participate in community projects to get a feel of what the local people are like and what they want. This will make it easier for you to market them because you understand them.

6. Hold events


Hold exciting events for customers to participate in on a regular basis say, monthly. Stick to the ones that will create the most important without taking up too much time to plan. Make sure your event is something that will encourage people to make a purchase even as they have fun.

5. Advertise online


Consider setting up paid Google AdWords campaigns for your business. It will cost you some money but should be seen as an investment in your business. In the digital age it’s important to be serious about getting seen online.

Ready to grow your Retail Business?

Beehive has been helping retail businesses grow their in store and online traffic for over 10 years.