The Ins and Outs of Non-profit Marketing

Beehive has been helping nonprofit organizations make a statement on the internet for over 10 years. Whether your goal is to drive donations, e-mail your members, publish quarterly reports and magazines or to increase your number of members, Beehive can help.

We are passionate about helping our clients express their Mission Statements through the medium of design, animation and online marketing. Interested in learning how to attract new donors and members? Read some tips below!

1. Go local


Be more involved in the local community. Promote environmental consciousness. Participate in local events. Join the local town committee. Seek the endorsement of local businesses. Advertise your Mission Statement and fundraisers using local publications.

2. Embrace social media


An active social media presence is mandatory if you are to try and connect with potential members, and to keep current members informed of current and upcoming events and fundraisers. Ensure your social media pages are duly updated with all the relevant information about your nonprofit. Make use of captivating photos & videos to maintain an exciting appearance. Also, remember to keep your content original!

2. More social media


Get on social media and stay there. Keep your audience engaged with interactive posts, educative videos, and insightful questions. Make sure that people learn something every time they visit your page. Remember to be original and creative with your posts to keep your page interesting.

3. Grow via Google Ad Grants


Some nonprofits are eligible to receive a free Advertising Grant from Google to help grow!

Beehive has been very successful in helping non-profits gain access to this advertising budget. Take advantage of Google Ad Grants to turn your free advertising grant budget into real members, donations and supporters!

4. Have a nice website


Your website is your foundation to propel memberships, donations, events and other opportunities. Having a great website that’s easy to navigate is the cornerstone of all other marketing initiatives.

4. Automated email marketing


A huge number of adult patients value communication from their doctor. Send emails to your patients to request a referral, remind them of an appointment, give health news, remind them of a due check-up or announce new technology. They will likely feel very valued and keep coming back.

5. Dust off your mailing list


Utilize e-mail marketing to connect with current and potential members and stay relevant in the community.

E-mailing your member base can significantly help drive donations, event attendance and new members!

6. Be mobile friendly


Make sure your website is built for all devices and has clear call to actions for donations and membership for everyones convenience, and to increase website conversion.

Ready to grow your Non-profit?

Beehive has been helping non-profits grow website traffic, donations and memberships for over 10 years!