The Ins and Outs of Local Marketing

Beehive has the tools and experience to deliver your message to your local target audience. We recommend these steps to make a splash with your local community with style.

1. Video marketing


Integrate videos into your marketing campaign to give your message a more personal touch. A short video has the power to communicate trustworthiness and clear whatever doubt prospective clients may have regarding you. People like to know that they are dealing with ‘real’ people who have their best interest at heart. Video content is exciting and convenient for most people but you can also use it to educate the public.

2. Be more involved in the community


Even as you advertise your business online, remember to be more involved with the local community. Sponsor local events and programs if you can. Participate in community activities such as cleaning the environment or planting trees and make the local people feel that you are part of their community. This will not only encourage them to continually use your services but also refer you to others.

2. More social media


Get on social media and stay there. Keep your audience engaged with interactive posts, educative videos, and insightful questions. Make sure that people learn something every time they visit your page. Remember to be original and creative with your posts to keep your page interesting.

3. Thorough & modern website


Your website is the first place people will search for information about you. When creating content for your website, make sure you give as many details as possible about your business and your services. Also, you need a fast and secure site so that people do not get tired of waiting for the pages to load.

Remember to include calls to action prompting the visitor to contact you or sign up for your services. What is the point of having a great website if you cannot convert the traffic to paying customers?

4. Online reviews


Provide your customers with the option to give feedback and encourage them to submit public reviews about your business. The reviews will not always be positive but every review will present you with a chance to improve your business and services.

4. Automated email marketing


A huge number of adult patients value communication from their doctor. Send emails to your patients to request a referral, remind them of an appointment, give health news, remind them of a due check-up or announce new technology. They will likely feel very valued and keep coming back.

5. Branding


Create a branding statement that is closely knitted with your mission statement. Proper branding makes your business memorable to clients. The design of your site and images you use are part of your branding.

6. Pay Per Click


You must be willing to spend on ads if you want to be at the top of search results. Organic search results are no longer enough; PPC is the way to go!

7. Social Media


Having a social media presence reminds your existing and potential clients of your firm and helps grow the business. Having 2-3 posts per week can significantly help grow your clientele.

Ready to grow your Local Business?

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