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How a web design can get your attention?

by | Oct 27, 2015

How a web design can get your attention?

Have you ever noticed when browsing along with the Internet there are some websites that give you a wonderful flow the first time they are viewed? This is not referring to websites that show off with java applets or screen image slide shows the moment you click the URL link from Google search engine. The clarity of website design comes from using perfect structure, fonts, the position of website images as well as the website content.

Placing everything together whether it is using XHTML, HTML, or DHTML takes patience to ensure the project is done to perfection without any web design errors. There has been a constant web design debate between webmasters on which is the better font for creating a website. There has been an ongoing debate of font usage when discussing a website project as some say the serif font should only be used for a print project and san serif should be focused on website design projects.  Other webmasters see this from a different point of view.

A web design should always be built with the reader kept in mind as he or she must have the ability to read what is written for them. With that being said, the font or fonts chosen should be simple and sharp like one of the two fonts mentioned above. If you are building a website and unsure what web design works best with your business perhaps it is a matter of finding the right web structure.
After all, the web design created for your business website should be planned out with the right items that will build traffic, make every visitor feel welcome and want to return. Most importantly the chosen font you do use for writing your content must provide legibility to your readers especially when you change the font into larger sizes or make the font bold. Contact Beehive Web Solutions to begin planning your website traffic today!

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Dennis Dawson

CEO, BeautyUp

My experience with Beehive has been so phenomenal that I was compelled to write a review (I hardly ever do). We needed a website that was not only attractive, but could drive sales and integrate with our (existing) somewhat complex mobile app. In short, we had a lot of requirements. Alex was very professional and he took time to fully understand our core company- he presented solutions that we didn’t even consider but proved to work better for our needs. In addition, he optimized our presence online and within 3 months we are seeing a very noticeable increase app-adoption, traffic to the site, new customers, and overall sales. Plus the website itself looks and feels better than we imagined and is simple to navigate. I’ve had to sort through a lot of web-dev companies along the way, and I can honestly say I wish we gave these guys at Beehive a call first.