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Google tools can track website traffic

by | Jul 28, 2014

Google tools can track website traffic

It is quite common for a small business to pay the fee of a website company prices to ensure they will have a website built with well written web content and strong SEO for high traffic. Small business owners expect to have the best service which is quite reasonable. There is a question all customers will ask regarding customer strategy after that website has been built. Many business owners want to know how they can personally track consumer traffic which is a fair question.

First piece of information every website owner needs to build consumers is trends of products or services. How those trends build will impact what happens when marketing a campaign. It is nice to know there are Google tools can track consumer traffic. With that being said, there is a user friendly application called Google Trends which is a tool that any business owner can use with their web browser. This tool will help a business owner see, understand and build the trending terms to increase marketing traffic on their domain site.

Another tool helpful for business owners who wish to track website presence is Google Analytics. What makes this tool important is the value displayed in website traffic. This tool gives information such as exact traffic location, specific timing of traffic arrival and departure, and other traffic information. An interesting comparison to computer hard drives but available via Google is called Google Drive. This tool is something quite helpful to any business owner that desires more storage and the ability to share with public customers or private members.
Is your business wanting to create product ads but unsure how? Well Google Merchant Center can assist in this area as the tool will show how to manage an account with products an inventory. Then using another Google tool account something called AdWords is then created to present consumers with actual advertisements that will show everyone what your company provides. Two more benefits for business owners that can be of advantage are the social media Google+ as it is gives ease when sharing content articles and drawing traffic. Then there is Gmail which is very user friendly email for small business employees and will allow business users to easily create multiple users on the server.

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