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by | Apr 18, 2022

Did you know Google Ad Grants help non-profits with $10,000 every month?!

In the marketing world, there are many things that people desire to know more about. Google Ad Grants for Non-Profits and PPC Services San Diego are two such items.

Here are 3 reasons why Google Ad Grants for Non-Profits and PPC Services San Diego are important to your company:

  • The revenue: PPC Services San Diego allows your revenue to grow if you are using it correctly in advertising. Google Ad Grants for Non-Profits is important for revenue because it aids the marketing experience of companies who might not have been able to reach as broad an audience without the grant’s help.
  • The audience: Google Ad Grants for Non-Profits allow for making your company accessible to a varied audience who otherwise may not have heard about your product or service. PPC Services San Diego allows the varied audience to continue to be reached because revenue allows businesses to keep going.
  • The experience: The process of even applying to Google Ad Grants for Non-Profits increases knowledge and experience in the world of marketing. When you grow in understanding of PPC Services San Diego, you learn valuable information that you can carry with you throughout your growth at your company and beyond.


It is so important that you make time to understand Google Ad Grants for Non-Profits and PPC Services San Diego. Beehive Web Solutions can help you go far in the world of Google marketing. 

Google brings something important to the table for non-profits, and that is promotion. The Google Ad Grants for Non-Profits program gives qualified charities the valuable chance to promote their associations using Google Ads. As a matter of fact, Google has granted more than $10 billion in free advertisements beginning around 2003. Over 115,000 charities in 51 nations have proactively jumped at the chance to receive this award.


This is what you get with Google Grants:

$10,000 to spend on Google Ads to advance your central programs on the platform. You get it consistently!

Your promotions will show up close to query items when a client looks for a charity similar to yours.

Your board ought to know that Google has explicit capabilities to take an interest in the program. There are a few things you need to know:

Your association should have a substantial, current 501(c)(3) determination.

You should consent to the expected affirmations for Google Ad Grants that frame how you will get donations.

Your association should have a working site that gives every one of the subtleties of your non-profit.

Not all non-profits fit the bill for this program. Google records the following kinds of projects as ineligible for the program:

– Administrative bodies and associations

-Clinics, hospitals, and hospital groups

-Schools, colleges, & universities

(Note that Google has a different program for educational foundations)

Guaranteeing Continuous Eligibility for the Google Ad Grant

The Google Ad Grant for charities program is a worthwhile program, so you’ll need to ensure that you meet the standards for qualification.


We’ve illustrated the standards beneath:

You’re expected to connect every one of the Google Ads in your record to the URL that you listed on your application.

Google expects charities to effectively deal with their Google Ads accounts. Supported charities should sign in to their records once a month or Google will stop your award without warning you.

-You should make advertisements that mirror your charity’s central goal.

-You’re permitted to use promotions to sell items, as long as you distribute 100 percent of the returns toward your projects.

-Google restricts charities from guiding people toward pages with the aim of sending traffic to different sites.

-It’s contrary to the principles to offer monetary items like home loans, credit cards, or mortgage loans

-You may not make advertisements that request huge gifts like vehicles, boats, homes, or land.

-While you’re taking an interest in the Google Ads Grants for Non-Profits program, you’re not permitted to show promotions on your site from Google AdSense or other subsidiary publicizing items.

-Non-profits that don’t maintain the principles are liable to be eliminated from the program. Be exceptionally cautious about the catchphrases you pick so you can rest assured that you’re remaining inside the guidelines.

A few important things to keep in mind while managing Ad Grant Campaign:

-You need to set your day-to-day spending plan at $329, which amounts to around $10,000 for the year.

-You need to set your highest cost-per-click (CPC) at a rate that is under $2.

-You can’t put your advertisements on Search Partners or the Google Display Network, just on

-If you don’t decide to use your award, you lose the assets for that month.

Tips on Effective Marketing with the Google Grant Program

It will be an astonishing day when you get endorsed for the Google Ads Grant for Non-Profits program. Now, Google allows you to jump in the driver’s seat. It’s ideal to allow the task of dealing with your advertisements to a particular individual who has the opportunity and energy to effectively deal with your Google Ads account similar to the way any revenue-driven organization would.

Remember that you can’t spend your publicizing dollars just any place. You need to spend them on the platform. The individual you decide to be your Google Ads supervisor should know about the limitations around using your award.

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