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Getting the benefit when using social media for business

by | Aug 22, 2015

Getting the benefit when using social media for business

Every business owner is aware by now that using social media has benefits to obtaining new customers. The key is getting those customers is planning your marketing goals in a specific fashion and doing them correctly. Here is a list to get the most benefit when using social media:

  • It is valuable that a company has equal balance in both marketing and social presence; In other words, as a business, each person spends a fair amount of time and money to market their product or service but is someone from your company taking the time to speak with your followers who have read the product articles? Is there someone from the company spending time on social media to answer questions rather than write emails? When this balance has been discovered it is best to keep working with it.
  • There are many social media groups that business owners can join but there should be limitations kept in mind when seeking through them. For example, there are popular social media groups that will get high traffic every day. Wouldn’t it be wiser to take advantage of those social media groups and to avoid those with lower traffic? Another important thought is to plan your day so it is not revolving around social media.
  • How are you currently building customers? For example, most business owners use email and phone to draw customers in for a quote but have you considered other ways of bringing in customers to your business? What is more exciting than entering a contest with the chance of winning a discount or percentage from the purchase? That type of thing can actually build business customers into your office especially if there is a cute marketing promotion written with it.

Business owners are starting to discover the idea of using social media and their own marketing promotions in the form of contests, surveys, or even trivia questions. The benefit of doing this type of promotion is it benefits the customer by lowering their purchase but it also brings more interest to the business. Have fun using social media for your business marketing ideas to enhance your customer list!

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