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How To Boost Sales With Explainer Video Production Services

by | Dec 7, 2021

Every business should try to answer this significant question: How do we boost sales with explainer video production services? This question remains imperative because in the competitive business world, small investors, as well as industry giants, are continually facing a typical issue. This issue of how to enhance business profits and increase online traffic remains an ongoing puzzle to solve. To find a solution to this problem, businesses spend more on Google Ads or invest more energy in SEO. However, businesses should focus on building site traffic instead of spending more on those other areas. 

In fact, there is a new and effective strategy that can enhance sales for your business and maximize leads as well. The strategy is simple: create an explainer video. A well-placed explainer video is a necessity for your business if your objective is to enhance sales and conversions within a short period. Check out our Explainer Video Production Services.

Here are 10 different ways to make an excellent animated explainer video:

  1. Make it engaging

As per the research, viewer engagement is necessary during the sales process. You can estimate the degree to which a viewer has understood the values and principles of the brand from the viewer’s engagement with the content. An explainer video attracts viewers instantly. Studies show that if the viewers aren’t engaged within 8 seconds, they will then navigate away from that particular page. Viewers will not like a video that contains a lot of boring text. If you have a meaningful explainer video, which gets to the heart of your company’s mission, you can influence and attract many viewers.

  1. Make it simple

Viewers may interpret the text in various ways if the text is not direct and clear. These various interpretations might mean your viewers miss the key points. In fact, you should create a story that is clear and devoid of clutter. Copy and pasted placeholder text with stagnant photos won’t make an impact on your viewer. An explainer video should focus on the benefits of your product and leave it at that.

  1. Make it like a new user manual:

A text can undoubtedly be misread as well as misunderstood. However, an explainer video just represents the ideas of your existing text manual and works far better than a talkative salesman.

Explainer videos offer viewers a significant snapshot of your business and website. It’s comparable to a live demonstration of your business. In short, explainer videos offer your business a better reach than your existing sales team.

  1. Highlight your sales pitch

You can use our explainer video production services for sales presentations or training videos. In fact, it is a far better option than a slideshow or a PowerPoint presentation.

When a PowerPoint turns out horribly in a business meeting, what is the next best option for highlighting the mission of your business?  By the virtue of a 60-second explainer video, you can convey your message to your viewers in a fun and engaging manner. It will enhance the interest of your potential leads and they will show more interest in your product portfolio later. So in addition to the online advantages, explainer videos can therefore be of help in sales meetings.

  1. Break the steps down clearly

Explainer videos attract your viewers and then influence them to stay on your website for longer. An explainer video reduces the ambiguity factor of the viewers and answers questions they have about your business. Additionally, explainer videos keep your web traffic on your website for longer and decrease bounce rates (i.e., the rate at which clients exit your website).

When users watch the video till its endpoint, they are bound to take the next step. This is the reason it is significant that your explainer videos highlight the next steps with clarity (how to place an order, subscribe to an e-newsletter, or dial a number to get more information about a product).

  1. Showcase your dedication to your product or service

Explainer videos should showcase to your viewers the reasons behind why you enjoy selling your products or services, your motivational factor, or your passion for selling these products. Additionally, the explainer video explains to viewers why they need your products or services and displays the advantages of your product portfolio.

In fact, explainer videos are ideal for creating hype. They are timeless and deliver potential leads consistently for a longer period of time than other strategies.

  1. Make it shareable for your audience

The amazing thing about explainer video production services is that they should be engaging as well as humorous. If a viewer enjoys your video, then he/she will hopefully share it with family and friends. In fact, the viewers can make it viral by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. At the point when a viewer shares your explainer video, then your chances increase of gaining future leads.

  1. Answer the viewer’s question

Explainer videos should answer the viewer’s fundamental inquiry – For what reason should I purchase this service or product? Showcase the benefits of your products & services in a video, while answering the viewer’s questions, and watch incredible fruit come to life. When viewers can identify how your product benefits them, they will be desperate to buy your the advantages which they are getting by utilizing your product & services, then they will be desperate to buy your products or services.

  1. Highlight your elevator pitch

The benefit of an elevator pitch is that it is generally a short presentation, with a timeframe of 30-60 seconds where you highlight the key areas of your organization and the viewer’s benefits from your products or services.  Explainer videos offer you the ability to stimulate both the auditory & visual senses.

You can use your pitch to achieve three basic objectives: raise money, build trust, and acquire customers. In fact, many customer interactions happen in the virtual realm, so representing your elevator pitch with the help of a video is a vital aspect for creating an edge up from your competitors. With the help of an explainer video and a succinct elevator pitch, you can share more information within a short period and create a meaningful impact on your viewers.

  1. Add personality to your business

The common saying is that people prefer known brands, and it is still evident in present day market scenario. A potential buyer will purchase from the organization that he/she prefers from prior experience or marketing knowledge. If your business uses an explainer video, you are not only showcasing your products & services, but highlighting your brand as well.

Every business should be online. During a customer interaction process, the presence of a representative or representative media makes a positive impact. An explainer video helps you to represent yourself in a professional and genuine manner, and the online viewers will surely be more interested in listening to your presentation.

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