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Digital Marketing Tips for Success

by | Nov 25, 2021

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With clients purchasing more online than in person, setting up your brand’s web presence is more important now than ever before.

It is imperative in the 21st century that you make it as easy as possible for your customers to find you online, easily purchase products, or collaborate with you and your company.

Here are some helpful tips to create better results from your advertising and marketing initiatives:

  1. Start with a Worthwhile Website:

As you seek to update your site, you might ponder the significance of web development. How can it affect your audience and your business? Here are 5 reasons you must have an excellent website:

First Impression is the last impression:

The first impression of a website can either drastically hurt or tremendously help your business goals.  Having a beautiful and intuitive website ensures your customers experience a positive first impression of your business.

An impressive, easy-to-use website inspires potential customers to solidify their relationship with your company through dialogue that may lead to important connections and business collaboration.

It helps your website improvement (SEO) methodology:

Many website development components impact how you distribute content on your site, which influences how search engines list your site.

Correct SEO methodology is one thing you MUST work towards, otherwise the consequences are disastrous. If your on-page SEO essentials are inadequate, you’ll be struggling for visibility from the beginning of your website launch.

The ideal way to guarantee legitimate website development and ensuing web search tool visability is to work with a reputable web development agency that knows how to deliver exactly what you need.  

A great website helps you serve your customers better:

Future clients may assume the calibre of the treatment they will receive by examining the calibre of your website. If you don’t invest any effort into your web development, your audience will assume that you will not invest energy into them.

Your site is one of your customer service representatives. If your site is charming, up-to-date, and welcoming, your audience will feel more appreciated on your page and therefore more likely to use your services.

It builds trust with your audience:

Clients don’t want to use poorly made sites. If you don’t have an updated website, they may not trust you with details related to your services. Don’t leave obscure data, blurry images, or unclear instructions on your site unless you want to scare future customers away.

An expertly made website creates trust with your clients. They will trust your business to provide excellent service because they see that you cared enough to make sure the website was done well.

When guests stay on your site longer, a well- executed website makes it possible to turn a future client into a current client..

Your rivals are doing it:

What makes website design and development significant? 

Your competitors use web development strategies too, and you need to have a better strategy to win the prize: your customer’s satisfaction. It’s as simple as that.

You need your site to be better and more advanced than the average website your client may see.

 Good web development gives your clients a chance to see how much better you are than your competition. The website of a business is the first indication of excellence to a client. You and your competition may have similar: products, services, and pricing. You want your website to help you stand out apart from the crowd of similar providers.

  1. Time For some effective branding:

Branding is the perpetual system of distinguishing and making the combined resources and activities that shape the impression of a brand to partners.

Branding is significant even though it doesn’t exclusively establish connections with buyers. However, it permits your clients and customers to know what to expect from your organization. It is a method of differentiating yourself from the competitors and explaining what it is you offer that makes you the best option.

There are numerous paths to take to foster a brand such as: publicizing, client assistance, social obligation, visuals, and reputation. These components cooperate to make an eye-catching profile. 

  1. Beat the competitors with google ads/pay-per-click management:

Time to embrace the exceptional power of Google.

Your #1 business objective involves SALES and LEADS!

A large portion of our business objectives create pay from deals  or leads that transform into deals.

It is really a stage used to attract clients and showcase what you’re advertising.

Think of Google Ads as a messenger who has been given a particular command to share your gospel to the entire world!

Yes, the entire world.

The entire world goes to Google frantically seeking answers to their particular inquiries and issues. The answers they seek relate to anything from dating advice to business tips to the best pizza delivery in their area.

Google gets about 3.5 billion of these questions each day. 

Any reasonable person would agree that with 3.5 billion hits a day, Google as of now could have every single one of your clients looking at you and your business.

If you meet specific client requirements, then you’ll have a higher engagement rate and specific VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

Make sure to do your research before selecting a digital marketing agency to help you promote your products and services. 

  1. Search engine optimization/SEO management for limited budget:

SEO is important because it keeps search queries relevant.

Clients trust web indexes. If you receive a high ranking  in a web crawler, it signals to clients that your website is a reliable source. The higher you rank in search pages, the more traffic your site will create from applicable clients. Search engine optimization also develops client experience, making it more probable for clients to become repeat purchasers.

Also, SEO is cost-effective. Serious enterprises can spend a lot of money for paid site traffic. Obviously, you can always buy advertisement space, yet if you’re working with a strict spending plan, SEO is an extraordinary way of driving qualified traffic to your site without directly paying for it.

  1. Increase your sales with explainer video marketing:

An explainer video is a short-structure video generally used to showcase an organization’s items, administration, or business in a convincing and effective manner. Most organizations have recordings on their home pages for explanations and sometimes those explanations are on the landing page of their site. Some companies even use these videos to publicize for their items or administration on Google, Facebook, or other web-based media sites.

So what makes the best explainer recordings? Short length, high quality, and immediate and clear answers to the client’s questions.

How do we get to that to happen? Ask yourself the following questions:  

What: What’s the client’s concern?

How: How will your item or administration fix it?

Why: Why should the client pick you?

Entrepreneurs create explainer recordings with knowledge of the “what” and the “how,” but neglect the “why.” The videos are capable of clarifying an item or administration, yet not able to impart the organization’s hidden reason regarding why they do what they. To successfully share the “why” behind your organization, you first need to solidify who your main interest group is. To do this, you must present a clever, shrouded statement of purpose that reaches the target group. 

  1. Don’t miss out on the broader audience on social media platforms:

Facebook – Instagram – Quora – Twitter – LinkedIn – Pinterest

Social media has turned into the most powerful and significant virtual space where the platform isn’t just used for interpersonal interaction, but  is also an incredible place to carefully promote your brand and items.

Social media’s power is enormous in today’s world. 

With the colossal number of online clients, which is practically 59% of the total population, advertisers should not miss out on the possibility to showcase how these computerized discussions allows them to arrive at the huge numbers of potential purchasers, especially when contrasted with print or TV media promotions.

Take Away:

Digital marketing is a broad field that requires expertise and knowledge in various digital platforms. It is always wise to choose a successful digital marketing agency, and this choice will boost your sales and leads. But this process will also need to be self-driven and result-oriented during difficult points in your company’s growth. There is always a way, and the right marketer knows that.

Looking to kickstart your business today?  Beehive Web Solutions is just a click away!


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I started using Beehive a few months back for my e-commerce website. Before Beehive I was trying to promote via social media and my sales were very soft. I spoke with Alex at Beehive he suggested that ppc would be a more targeted route. Within two months I had substantially increased sales and after four my sales are still growing. Very happy with Beehives services and Alex’s customer service.