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What is Cloud Computing?

by | Aug 15, 2014

What is Cloud Computing?

When we hear the word cloud we think of something white, puffy, and it floats around. Well, that’s close but not necessarily to what cloud computing is. Cloud computing actually takes place on the Internet (aka “the cloud”) using specific servers that are virtually available for usage. If ever you have used or experienced any of the Google applications, that would be considered cloud computing.Will cloud computing damage my computer?

Easily answered, no and no. Cloud computing is something that can be done from your computer first of all. Secondly, it will not have any effect on your computer as there are no type of files to download. A perfect example I will provide is when using Google Documents. You open the application, it opens like a word document, you then type a paper and when complete save it onto your hard drive. Now if you should have something called Google Drive you can save that paper onto your cloud hard drive where it is kept safe and secure. Should I be concerned about cloud computing? Cloud computing is safe and secure. Even though cloud computing is just beginning, more user-friendly applications are coming out with secure benefits. This is actually the new way of communication taking place through many business owners because it is very easy to use and it also will allow the sharing of development ideas in a safe environment. The future is bright and the best has yet to come for the Internet growth of cloud computing has only begun.

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Matthew McKinney

CEO & Founder, McKinney's Pool Service Inc.

Alex and his team are absolutely top-notch web developers. I originally hired Beehive to create a basic landing page to legitimize my business on Yelp. Because I was already doing well on Yelp, and getting a satisfactory number of conversions, I didn’t think I really needed much else to grow my business. But that’s the problem with limited thinking! Thankfully Alex is not only an excellent website developer, he also has a very creative business mind. Together we brainstormed ways to convert more customers & generate more revenue. One of the things we did was create a pathway for customers to sign up for our service directly on the website without the traditional home inspection that so many other companies still do as protocol. It really is not necessary for the type of service we offer and Alex was able to help me think outside of the box on that one. People are already signing up using the new feature Alex created and my head is spinning at how fast we are growing. There are so many other things that Alex has done for my business — creating a small e-commerce store to sell my best products, animation conveying what my company does — the list goes on. You will not be disappointed hiring Beehive. They really are the best.