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Build A Personal Brand & Get Engaged with a Large Number of Audience with Animated Explainer Video Company

by | Jan 13, 2022

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The world is not focused on the 90s’ sales advertising anymore. It’s all about Animated Explainer Video Company. An online marketing business needs to be truly committed to its audience to succeed, and a unique personality is necessary for your company. In other words, you need to build a personal brand that matches the taste of your audience. And when I say “personal,” I’m referring to developing a commendable personality — even if that’s for your brand.

You must win the heart of your audience — You must show them that you care about their problems and that you have an exact solution for solving them. Gain the trust of your brand by being original and displaying it to the audience. Leverage what makes you different and better than your competitors.

There are various types of online content that could give you a handful of clients, but there’s one that helps you to build your brand like no other: animated explainer videos! We are the best-Animated Explainer Video Company, and we value excellence, clarity, and efficiency.

Here are 5 ways to improve your own animated explainer video:

  1. Form a buyer persona (and then add animated characters to it)

If you want to establish a trustworthy personal brand, an explainer video works perfectly.

You can research your audience and use this information to create a fictional character that represents a needy person from your target audience. You should also focus on the following factors:

  • The general age of your audience
  • Where is the approximate location of your audience?
  • What is the clothing preference of your audience?
  • Their language preference (language, accent)
  • What kind of places do they usually visit?
  • The list of their favorite websites
  • Their favorite brands
  • Any other insightful and/or valuable information

The final animated character will have a name, an age, a personal background, and a job. The fictional character will become the buyer persona for your target audience.

Once you have your buyer persona ready, you will be able to portray your final animated character who resembles your target audience. This enhances immediate interaction and trust within your target audience because they get the sense that the animated video was made especially for them.  An animated explainer video company like ours can offer you the best strategy for developing the buyer persona for your target audience.

Aminated characters also add a powerful personal touch to your company and bring out emotions that remain connected to your brand for a long time.

  1. Choose your brand colors and style wisely

Colors are the most important branding elements that must not be overlooked. Integrating your brand’s colors and style to your products, website, landing pages, and social networks will help to boost your brand image — And applying them to a video makes a greater branding impact.

Beehive – Animated Explainer Video Company in San Diego offers videos containing the engaging power to define brand and identity to many relevant audience members.

Whether it’s a gorgeous red, a healthy green, a glittering orange, or a blurring blue, your brand colors should be a compact marketing force. They speak directly to your target and frame the entire perception of your brand. Beehive – Animated Explainer Video Company in San Diego can help you achieve the same.

  1. Choose the right animated video structure

There’s not just one, but many structures of animated marketing videos, and many of them — such as whiteboard animations, cartoon, and motion graphic videos — use character animation. Animated video is a great way to display your personal brand because it allows you to communicate the message of your brand in an unassuming way.

The structure of your animated marketing video will reveal your brand personality. If you want to display your brand with some crisp content and a more humanistic & interactive approach, you can prepare a fictional animation video to attract your audience.

Sometimes your organization needs an elegant & lucrative presentation, so you can choose to go for more delicate and interesting content in your video. It all depends on how you want to represent your brand to your potential customers.

  1. Make it social

If you want to get close and personal with your audience, you need to implement a great social marketing strategy after making the videos. The good news is, animated video is the most thriving and cost-effective material on social media!

As per a recent survey conducted recently, 52% of professionals in marketing worldwide prefer animated video marketing as the significant & major online marketing strategy offering the best ROI. In today’s market, video promotion relies on videos that are regularly shared on social media. Luckily, the visibility of Facebook’s newsfeed video was enhanced by 360% last year. You can also make an animated video by approaching us, the best – animated explainer video company across the US.

Mark Zuckerberg himself believes in promoting animated explainer videos, and Twitter developers found that video attracts better engagement than ever before, displaying a share rate of 700 video tweets per minute.

The latest announcement from Twitter also displayed its will to support the video marketing strategy. The microblogging Twitter platform recently introduced its own video service which deliberately made quality videos with a short time period and it is indeed a direct hit on YouTube’s strategy. It created an outstanding opportunity & value for marketers who prefer video marketing.

It can be an unbeatable strategy for marketers if they decide to launch video marketing in their social media campaigns. You can use the following tips for how to use animated marketing videos to boost your social media engagement:

  1. Be fair & consistent: You have to be consistent and helpful when communicating the brand value to your potential audience. Answer their queries, clarify their doubts, and offer them useful advice. Reply to everyone’s query, and keep your replies for better branding.
  2. Being coherent is better: It is best to be coherent with your brand value in your social media channels when preparing your explainer videos. You can’t display your brand as a serious organization in your explainer videos and present a completely opposite side on Facebook. That wouldn’t showcase a brand identity with cohesive nature.

Try to form an exclusive branding image in which your website, social media, and content marketing strategy represent the same branding story. Luckily, animated marketing videos are the only tool to make that happen. Add them to your social media strategy and use them in your Tweets, Facebook posts, and Pins to engage new visitors and leads and eventually turn them into your customers and brand leaders.

  1. Prepare social videos for short periods: When preparing animated marketing videos especially for your own social media with a predefined strategy, make sure you make your videos short, crisp, and interesting. According to the reports of Wistia, One Market Media, and Reel SEO, social media users prefer these kinds of short videos. The percentage of viewers of 30-second videos is 85%, whereas, in the case of two-minute videos, it stands at less than 50%.

The videos with a 30 second time frame received approximately 45 thousand views on a channel like YouTube. There is no secret at all. It’s just short, simple, funny, and effective.

  1. Be yourself

Finally, gain the trust of your potential customers by being original. Be authentic and unique so that you stand out. Select the best-animated video marketing strategy and implement it to boost your online business.

Enhance trust with your potential leads by displaying brand value.

Are you ready to launch your personal brand in a different, more effective way?

Looking for the best Animated Explainer Video Company in San Diego, please visit our website today.

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