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Bring online shoppers into your ecommerce store this shopping season

by | Nov 7, 2014

Bring online shoppers into your eCommerce store this shopping season

Ecommerce stores have already been going out and about with advertisements just hoping to create a flutter with shoppers and build excitement for new items being shown. There are more online stores creating a buzz with shoppers and doing what they can to entice them any way possible just to make that one click for a short page browse; one click is all a shopper has to do and they’re connected into the store and can see what is on sale for the holiday. That is how many online retailers will look at bringing new customers into their store then surprise them with a lovely discount after a certain amount has been reached. Unfortunately, shoppers are looking for much more than getting a bottle of bubble bath; customers are looking to be romanced into that bubble bath and given a glass of champagne and perhaps even a small plate of cheese and crackers before being led to a private room where they are all alone and can sink into a large tub full of bubbles

The same idea works when bringing consumers into an e-commerce store for the shopping season. How things are marketed does matter because it will determine if a consumer will first enter that store then it will determine if that consumer is willing to stay a bit longer and browse the products. Below are a few tips that can assist in answering the question retailers must answer this holiday season; are they prepared to deliver.

Tip One    Is your e-commerce store focusing on multiple customer types or a selection of styles? Have you considered specializing your brand and working with consumer behaviors? Yes, there are some stores that have everything under the sun but there again stores that can provide what a consumer wants are more likely to have return shoppers.

Tip Two   Online retailers should remember that when marketing during the holiday season to use something that will enhance the excitement. For example, use a simple contest that online shoppers will enjoy and also can possibly win store products or purchasing prizes as they will return knowing a store is a place with trust and honest offers.

Tip Three   Always, always provide easy searches in your online retail store website so products can be found. Online shoppers can get easily frustrated when products are not located through the search box. This is an easy fix and one of the best things which retail shoppers love using in an e-commerce store so it is quite valuable to always have it working and keep it updated as products are updated.

Tip Four    Send out friendly reminders to online shoppers and let them know to shop early. This is quite helpful when it comes to delivery time. When online shoppers order early for the holiday they are more than likely to receive their packages early which is a good thing. ranks Beehive on List of Best PPC Agencies

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