Facebook denial of Lizard Squad DDoS cyberattack

Just about everyone is familiar with the social media Facebook and when the social media shows inactivity for even a brief moment it raises eyebrows including questions from many. Well a few days ago Facebook literally went off line and every user felt the social media freeze due to a Denial of Service attack. The beginning rumors about this activity were things such as technical trouble being the cause and it was something simple. What news came out later on is quite disturbing; Facebook received a DDoS by the hacker group Lizard Squad.

It was not only one site attacked but both the personal computer and the mobile site that felt the DDoS (Denial of Service) attack. After this DDoS took place a message appeared on a Twitter account proudly saying they caused the problem Facebook began to experience. The most interesting issue with this matter is Facebook denies the social media down being caused from a cyberattack and it raises the question as to why the company will not admit if this DDoS has taken place. Facebook provides following statement on the matter,

“This was not the result of a third party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems. We moved quickly to fix the problem, and both services are back to 100 percent for everyone.”

One would think if a company has been attacked and the security has been breached in some way the truth would be stated and the company would come forward with stating what actually took place. In the case of Facebook there has been a choice to make the above statement for some reason and not speak what actually happened. It does make someone wonder if the company has more ego than they do in strength when managing daily operations. This type occurrence does raise another interesting question of a different type which is why there are persons or groups with strong beliefs who feel they must carry out this DDOS cyberattack action against companies. Licensed small business owners and large companies are permitted to perform business in the United States following strict rules within the state they are based in. All business owners are aware the actions which take place should be professional and ethic. Consumers are also aware if a business does something incorrect there are certain steps that must be followed (terms and policy rules) to achieve an end result. It is up to a special section of the legal system and that ensures both customers and business operations are balanced.

Radar technology can see inside buildings

You read correctly, there now has been new radar technology come about giving law enforcement the ability of using radar technology and then seeing inside buildings. It sounds rather surprising as it should but yes, this is a law enforcement capability given to see inside buildings using specific type cameras for illegal activity. But before any reader gets angry and thinking they will now have to be concerned that is not the case at all. There will be nothing of the sort as far as police officers spying. This type radar technology is being used for specific reasons by specific law enforcement. There must be a specific reason for using this type of technology. This radar technology will show law enforcement signs of criminals who are doing wrong and give law enforcement the ability to catch those criminals who are about to do something wrong. The only way to use this type of radar technology is with a legal warrant.

In other words, there must be legal and valuable reasoning that protects the law enforcement officers and allows them to move forward with using such radar technology. Grant it there may be a special occasion when such radar technology can be used but that will be dealt with when that bridge needs to be crossed; every case is different from the next and must be handled specific. As of now there are 50 law enforcement agencies that have this type of radar technology. Every law agency will follow the law and not go above it – there is no reason not to. The only persons who need be concerned of this type radar technology are those committing illegal activity. This type radar technology will benefit specific type cases in the Marshal Service investigations.

LibreOffice can run on Android mobile phones

For quite some time the open source office application LibreOffice has been provided to anyone who wishes to download and run on their systems. It has provided the ability to build documents, spreadsheets, drawings and diagrams without too much complication. This open source application will also provide the ability to maintain databases as well so it is quite the office open source application anyone can take advantage of freely with ease of a simple download.

What has made LibreOffice work as an open source is having the ISO/IEC standard OpenDocument format to save documents for all applications. Engineers have gone one step further and created a beta of LibreOffice for Android. These engineers are planning to bring the best of LibreOffice in features and improvements as time moves forward. Because this is a popular piece of productivity application it is beneficial to the consumer and those with mobile phones that this product is brought to Android user ability.

Thanks to two wonderful companies working together (Smoose and Collabora) LibreOffice has now been brought to a new phase of growth and will be able to assist startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners as they are the ones who will benefit from this product and they are the consumers who are on the go daily using their mobile phones or smart phones and who will benefit from the Android beta open source.

CES 2015 – Consumer Electronics Show













Electronics Show was sensational and offered all the bells and whistles you could possibly expect.  At CES 2015 there were drones flying, enhanced bluetooth technology, mindblowing wearables and mobile robots with video calling technology enabling users across the world to navigate them while speaking to CES goers!

The “internet of things” was everywhere from refrigerators that notify you when you need to replenish items to at home dry cleaning solutions that allow you customize what type of clothing you need taken care of.  One couldn’t help but feel we truly are in the digital age and the future is going to connect us even more to the things that help us make our lives easier.

Keep you eyes peeled in the coming weeks as we begin writing our reviews on the fascinating and exciting technology shown at CES 2015.  You won’t want to miss it!

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Lizard Squad hacker is under UK arrest

Recently there had been activity taking place with the PlayStation gaming network as users could not obtain access into it on Christmas day. What was discovered by the FBI on this matter, someone from Lizard Squad hacker squad is behind the issue of this cyber-attack even though the cyber group Anonymous was making claims they were a part of this entire lock and denial of service. The FBI made the promise they were fully determined to locate where the hack took place and also obtain the person or persons who are behind this gaming network attack and place them under arrest.

As of December 29 the Thames Valley Police obtained Vinnie Omari, a person of interest involved with this Lizard Squad hacker squad. Interestingly, Omari is being arrested for his involvement of stealing funds from PayPal accounts.

Authorities are currently processing formal documentation and continuing the confiscation of all electronic and computer equipment belonging to Omari for complete investigation and the gathering of total evidence. This hacker group is staying quite silent and not speaking on the matter of Omari’s arrest taking place. More information has come about regarding a second hacker named “ryan” [-sic] who is a part of the Lizard Squad and now captured by Finnish police. It would seem authorities are working together on a global scale to resolve this issue once and for all so it is closed.

This story will be followed and details will be released as obtained.