Net-neutrality discussion is causing chaos

When this net-neutrality matter first came about years ago every user on the Internet was quite upset because this net-neutrality action is not ethical nor is it an equal deal. Considering the idea of net-neutrality is actually not only against the consumer it also goes against the business owner and can also damage the financial economy on not just short-term but long-term bases.

The term net-neutrality gives any Internet Service Provider [ISP] ability to maintain data. In other words, should there be net-neutrality Internet service providers will have no provider control of who has access to the Internet; ISPs will have no control of  data speed. It will be the government who has that say; that thought goes against legal laws of business and it also goes against ethical reasoning.

An ISP has the right to determine what type of service they offer and how much they charge the consumer and/or business. Should there be a faster speed the company has every right to provide that service in a different package with other features. Just as a customer would shop for insurance and see the various packages that are available they will also see the various features and benefits within each package including how the pricing does differ. It works the same way when purchasing an Internet connection; it is a consumer or business owner’s choice to determine what works best for the need of having Internet and what type Internet service will work within the budget.

The President of the United States feels that everything must be changed on this matter and the Title II Law Act that has been put in place for the land line phones must also be put in place for the Internet. Unfortunately, that law is quite old and that law act must be rewritten to suit Internet communication; it cannot and will never benefit anyone (consumer or business) who performs business with an Internet company. It would be very wise to not move any further on this matter and leave issues alone as ISPs are growing very strong with computer technology and enhancing the Internet capability because that is how many perform their communication through work, education, and being social on a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, Google has recently announced fiber-optic wire placement in Kansas City for business owners. This is very big news because fiber-optic wire is better than what is used currently. Grant it, the area has only been made available to certain customers but this growth will get larger over time considering. As of now, Google has one data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa and they do plan the building of a second data center in Council Bluffs; scheduled date has not been announced.

Sony digital camera being released in Japan

That’s right, you read it here, there is a new digital camera released from Sony and this one seems to have many qualities that photographers are looking for. The name of this new digital camera is Sony a7 and the SKU number is ILCE-7M2 for the consumers who love to do serious reviews and seek out manufacturer manuals to download. Something about this camera that does build interest with the consumer is because it has capability of using five-axis image stability while in full-frame. Previously, there was a digital camera which Sony had come about with successfully that has the image stability yet it only provides X and Y axes.

The a7 II digital camera is the first type with this capability of clarity and technology so it is a very new and exciting discovery for both Sony and the consumer to have a product that can perform in this manner.  What makes this camera beneficial is how photography and videos easily will come together much sharper. This video also provides comparison of different views when user control is and is not used for shaking during a video. There has been a promotional video done for this digital camera specifically to show consumers who are considering the purchase. This promotional video gives the view on how a consumer can benefit from using this item when taking photos as well as using it for a video including how the digital camera will improve sharper image photography over all; the video can be located on You Tube.
Details obtained of the Sony a7 II are the camera uses:

  • a 24.3 megapixel 35 mm full-frame Exmor CMOS image sensor
  • a 117 point focal plane phase-detection AF sensor
  • 25 contrast detection AF points
  • 3-inch TFT LCD monitor
  • XGA OLED electronic viewfinder
  • Wi-Fi and NFC connection capable
  • Camera weight is 1.32 lbs.
  • Price $1,634 approximately for the camera body only

There will be digital camera accessories included but there is no further information on their pricing amounts or what type of accessories are going to be provided for this new digital camera being released. Another piece of information to soundly keep in mind the digital camera will only be released to Japan residents as of December 5th of this year. Sony has not determined an actual date as to when the company will begin releasing the product outside the country of Japan so more consumers can begin purchasing it and enjoy the new product capability.

Microsoft uses open-source code to build .Net

It’s an enormous day for Microsoft and the developers; Microsoft is producing the core elements of the Net framework open-source and cross-platform on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Microsoft is committed to adding Android and iOS assistance inside the new development of Visual Studio 2015 where there is an Android emulator in the new Visual Studio 2015 Preview, and iOS assistance will certainly be added soon. Microsoft is now releasing a brand new version of Visual Studio being called “Community 2013″ and this new piece of software is a free of charge and fully-featured. This is really a daring piece of software development for Microsoft to take on but they have accomplished it. Because of this achievement the development platform that has come about may actually function on all necessary fields required.

During the previous few years, Microsoft has been toying with open-source and gradually open-sourcing numerous elements of their developer resources. It didn’t make much sense to use open-source coding when Windows was the only real Operating System. However, the rapid growth of Linux being a server platform, and Android and iOS inside the consumer area, has modified the software program developers view to seeing issues coming from the software platform. Because Microsoft has determined this is an effective factor, the company has also chosen to observe as well which is quite fascinating how fast issues have modified considering Microsoft didn’t have care concerning Linux. As of now Microsoft is currently full interest and with desire to find out the anatomy from the penguin – talking in pc language. As of now Microsoft will certainly open-source the .Net Core framework. Any person can download it on Github. As a result of this new change to open-source coding taking place there is now more platforms to come about. As to when the completion time for that open-source coding will be released is unknown.

On yet another note of news, Microsoft will be providing the addition of Visual Studio 2015 for iOS, Android and Windows. This is a planned release to take place within the near future. This particular release does have a preview accessible and the Android capability is built-in. It is very apparent Microsoft has chosen to go forward and produce stronger pathways along with current platforms and developer resources. New items that are created can be found on Github for consumer evaluation.

Social media tools are created on Instagram

For many years now everyone from writers to engineers to small business owners have been discovering the social media chat rooms and how to join these free communities. There are many who have chosen to begin using social media to gather news and to stay communicated with others. Not only for the above reasons but because social media now is available to be obtained through mobile devices all because of technology growth. There are many users now who can easily log into their Facebook or Twitter account with one click onto their smart phone and view the latest of updates. Another frequently used social media place many like to go is Instagram. It may not be as large in members as the others yet this site does have frequent visitors because it does allow ease and it does work quite well with the mobile devices.

Now there has been a news break come about with Instagram that they have provided more features. For users who have been using Instagram since the beginning they will much appreciate this change as now when photos are posted there are advanced editing tools provided so the photo can be given #hashtags or a caption on where it was taken. Twitter was the original rage of using hashtags but Instagram also graces them which is a good thing so users please type to your heart’s err finger’s content when tagging and captioning your photos please.  Oh yes, there are more editing capabilities still which Instagram does provide to members as they want to make your use of social media easy, simple and happy.  There is a special section that will let users enter the location of photo if they wish to provide those details. So for example if you went on your first mountain climbing trip; climbed a specific mountain you can then take a photo at the peak  then show it off to the circle of your friends with #hashtag and the name of what mountain you proudly climbed in caption. Another feature available to users is now having the ability to like a photo or video. There are multiple choices how photos and videos can be appreciated so this will be a benefit to new artists that are creating their portfolio. In essence the new features of Instagram will allow users to display choice photos or videos with a description for all to see and appreciate.

Bring online shoppers into your ecommerce store this shopping season

Ecommerce stores have already been going out and about with advertisements just hoping to create a flutter with shoppers and build excitement new items being shown. There are more online stores creating a buzz with shoppers and doing what they can to entice them any way possible just to make that one click for a short page browse; one click is all a shopper has to do and they’re connected into the store and can see what is on sale for the holiday. That is how many online retailers will look at bringing new customers into their store then surprise them with a lovely discount after a certain amount has been reached. Unfortunately, shoppers are looking for much more than getting a bottle of bubble bath; customers are looking to be romanced into that bubble bath and given a glass of champagne and perhaps even a small plate of cheese and crackers before being led to a private room where they are all alone and can sink into a large tub full of bubbles.

The same idea works when bringing consumers into an ecommerce store for the shopping season. How things are marketed does matter because it will determine if a consumer will first enter that store then it will determine if that consumer is willing to stay a bit longer and browse the products. Below are a few tips that can assist in answering the question retailers must answer this holiday season; are they prepared to deliver.

Tip One    Is your ecommerce store focusing on multiple customer types or a selection of styles? Have you considered specializing your brand and working with consumer behaviors? Yes, there are some stores who have everything under the sun but there again stores who can provide what a consumer wants are more likely to have return shoppers.

Tip Two   Online retailers should remember that when marketing during the holiday season to use something that will enhance excitement. For example, use a simple contest that online shoppers will enjoy and also can possibly win store product or purchasing prizes as they will return knowing the store is a place with trust and honest offers.

Tip Three   Always, always provide easy searches in your online retail store website so products can be found. Online shoppers can get easily frustrated when products are not located through the search box. This is an easy fix and one of the best things which retail shoppers love using in an ecommerce store so it is quite valuable to always have it working and keep it updated as products are updated.

Tip Four    Send out friendly reminders to online shoppers and let them know to shop early. This is quite helpful when it comes to delivery time. When online shoppers order early for the holiday they are more than likely to receive their packages early which is a good thing.