Google now has interest in building drones – Project Wing

There is always some type of creation taking place within the company doors of Google whether it be updating of algorithms or the cloud application program creation. The drone project aka Project Wing, is taking place within the closed doors of Google. The idea of using drones could be beneficial as they have already done test flights in Australia and they have been quite successful. Amazon has been testing the use of drones to deliver books to consumers and discovered it is quite fast. The larger issue with flying drones at this present moment is the FAA does have restrictions; business owners are mostly banned at flying these types of items whereas hobbyists can do so. In essence, Project Wing from Google and Amazon can only sit on the runway, pun intended, until the FAA approval has been given.

 In other technology news for Google creations they have done there seems to be a few concerns on a product as consumers feel they could have privacy invaded. This product that is raising fuss to many is Google Glass because how it works a person wears the eyeglasses and can then secretly take photographs or record what they look at. They are eyeglasses and work by natural voice. The only difference is what you see on your side of the Google Glass is information; the person who looks at you will see nothing but a pair of normal eyeglasses. At any rate, these items have raised much privacy questions since coming about.

One health creation has come out of Google on how diabetics can watch their glucose by use of a contact lens. There are beneficial needs from the giant search engine; hopefully the will stay landed with logical ideas and the ideas not wander off into the clouds, literally. Google will continue creating their projects and creating the best for consumers. To see the latest of activity done for Project Wing here is the test video taken place in Austrailia.

What is cloud computing

When we hear the word cloud we think of something white, puffy, and it floats around. Well that’s close but not necessarily to what cloud computing is. Cloud computing actually takes place on the Internet (aka “the cloud”) using specific servers that are virtually available for usage. If ever you have used or experienced any of the Google applications, that would be considered cloud computing.
Will cloud computing damage my computer?
Easily answered, no and no. Cloud computing is something that can be done from your computer first of all. Secondly, it will not have any effect on your computer as there are no type of files to download. A perfect example I will provide is when using Google Documents. You open the application, it opens like a word document, you then type a paper and when complete save it onto your hard drive. Now if you should have something called Google Drive you can save that paper onto your cloud hard drive where it is kept safe and secure.
Should I be concerned about cloud computing?
Cloud computing is safe and secure. Even though cloud computing is just beginning, more user friendly applications are coming out with secure benefits. This is actually the new way of communication taking place through many business owners because it is very easy to use and it also will allow the sharing of development ideas in a safe environment. The future is bright and the best has yet to come for the Internet growth of cloud computing has only begun.  

Revenue increase allows Cincinnati Bell to build fiber optic expansion

An amazing thing is happening at Cincinnati Bell in the area of jobs and fiber optic network growth. First let’s talk about the amazing fiber optic network growth that will be taking place at a very fast pace. According to Biz Journals, the CEO of Cincinnati Bell Ted Torbeck has a serious planning strategy for telecommunication growth. The company has intended to expand over the coming years because there has been a comfortable outcome in the 2nd quarter.
During this expansion the company will be training technicians since it only takes exactly six weeks for training. The goal is to improve fiber with the conclusion of each training class. The CEO feels that will expand jobs at the company plus it will expand the fiber optic network capability. As of now 36% of the city is covered with fiber optics the goal is to provide consumers with 60 to 70% with fiber optic networks by the end of 2017.
The CEO feels quite strongly about this company growth and job growth being possible because of the net income results. Investors stand behind this idea and are ready for the next phase in company growth as the income made has paid down debt and there will be further savings made in the future. As of now revenue growth is $320 million and growing; image is on website for view. This is a well planned technical advancement for equipment placement.

Innovation ratings

There comes a time when companies will reach the “aha moment” and build something that can either 1) satisfy consumer needs or 2) provide commercial benefit to business production and daily operation. According to Baseline top tech company innovation is below:
  1. Apple – 98% innovation rating after a partnership with IBM to create better performance with data and analysis capability when building the iPhone and iPad.
  2. Samsung – 97% innovation rating with the creation of the Galaxy Note 4 as the improvements are amazing and the cost quite comparable to other smart phones on the market.
  3. Google – 96% innovation rating as to how useful Google Glass has become in what it provides the consumer; the newest creation being created now is the Google contact lens that will provide support to persons with diabetes as it can measure glucose by a person’s tear drops.
  4. Amazon – 95% innovation rating after the creation of Zocalo, a cloud storage capability, now being offered by Amazon to customers which they can store and arrange files on.
  5. Microsoft – 91% innovation rating because the next creation of Windows coming about, supposedly it is due to be Windows 9 but there has been no exact time frame on when it is due release or other exact information stated.
  6. Netflix – 89% innovation rating from viewer strength watching based on new show creation.
  7. Hewlett Packard – 87% innovation rating from a new project named “Mobilize Your Business” that supports business owners by loading Microsoft applications for tablets, laptops, and POS devices.
  8. .Panasonic – 87% innovation rating because of a new innovation project with Tesla motors creating a very large factory.
  9. You Tube – 85% innovation rating built from a fantastic video creation that built viewers to continue watching as it brought interest and amazement. The video was a joke but it brought attention.
  10. Facebook – 82% innovation rating for the creation of an instant messaging software application, the news service, a facial recognition, and a mobile content application.
  11. Twitter – 80% innovation rating because there has been an increase of users on a monthly basis.
  12. Hulu – 79% innovation rating given for creating Behind the Mask project
  13. IBM – 78% innovation rating given for investment of $3 billion dollars in the following 5 years to create a computer chip that will work like the human brain.


Is prepaid broadband the new choice for Internet service

For quite some time for those who could not afford a cellular contract there was the option of choosing month to month or what most cellular companies call it prepaid services. How prepaid service works is so much money would be paid onto the cellular phone then once it is used the phone would need a recharge. This idea is quite simple to use for any consumer who does not wish to manage service on a long-term contracts. Not only did this idea start getting used by all cellular companies another industry has taken on the same concept; broadband service.

Frontier Communications has chosen to begin the service of pay as you go Internet. This service has special features, prices, and does not require the customer to have phone service or contract. The benefits of purchasing this package will include an Internet kit. This kit will include network equipment used to set up an Internet connection from the home to the Frontier server. The items in this network equipment kit provided are a Netgear 7550 Wi-Fi router, an Ethernet cable, a phone cord, and an installation guide. Along with all of these items there is a helpful user guide on how to set up the computer to the Frontier network.

Customers are given the ability to choose from three plan options pending upon what best meets their scheduling and budget. For service Frontier offers one day, seven days, or 30 days. Customers have choices between two Internet speeds and choosing whether or not to have a professional installation done.  There are many more options with prepaid broadband up to the customer it is all a matter of choice.