Steps to ensure business website project growth is smooth

Let us take a moment and view from beginning to finish every planned task needed within to complete a business website project. Just considering how many tasks are involved it is enough to make the head spin because of the the overload in content. As a writer it is quite apparent what we are seeing is in the mind of a business owner. What many business owners get frustrated on is the fact as much as they wish to accomplish everything by themselves (i.e. micromanagement) it is just not healthy in more ways than one. It is not good for the company and it is not a wise decision for health. A solution that might be a wiser consideration instead is to divide up business tasks then share with other business professionals whether within or outside the business. This will ensure project tasks are completed well and it will also relieve stress from every staff member inside the business.

This helpful guide will also be of assistance when building any business website project:

  • Do keep employees motivated so they know how valued their skill is to the company
  • Avoid taking on too many project tasks as it could mean fast burn out
  • Do divvy up tasks to skilled workers so project can be completed without interruption
  • Avoid using cluttered web design or cold website content
  • Do keep website looking fresh; update frequently if there is a blog or e-commerce page
  • Avoid business jargon when speaking to customers in blog writing, IM chat, or web content
  • Do listen to customer needs in feedback and email as they build your bottom dollar

This business guide can always be referred back upon when needed.

Google tools can track website traffic

It is quite common for a small business to pay the fee of a website company prices to ensure they will have a website built with well written web content and strong SEO for high traffic. Small business owners expect to have the best service which is quite reasonable. There is a question all customers will ask regarding customer strategy after that website has been built. Many business owners want to know how they can personally track consumer traffic which is a fair question.

First piece of information every website owner needs to build consumers is trends of products or services. How those trends build will impact what happens when marketing a campaign. It is nice to know there are Google tools can track consumer traffic. With that being said, there is a user friendly application called Google Trends which is a tool that any business owner can use with their web browser. This tool will help a business owner see, understand and build the trending terms to increase marketing traffic on their domain site.

Another tool helpful for business owners who wish to track website presence is Google Analytics. What makes this tool important is the value displayed in website traffic. This tool gives information such as exact traffic location, specific timing of traffic arrival and departure, and other traffic information. An interesting comparison to computer hard drives but available via Google is called Google Drive. This tool is something quite helpful to any business owner that desires more storage and the ability to share with public customers or private members.

Is your business wanting to create product ads but unsure how? Well Google Merchant Center can assist in this area as the tool will show how to manage an account with products an inventory. Then using another Google tool account something called AdWords is then created to present consumers with actual advertisements that will show everyone what your company provides. Two more benefits for business owners that can be of advantage are the social media Google+ as it is gives ease when sharing content articles and drawing traffic. Then there is Gmail which is very user friendly email for small business employees and will allow business users to easily create multiple users on the server.

How to schedule your social media post for the best views

Social media is the way business owners advertise today and the frequency of posting can and will determine the traffic we see coming onto our websites. Here are some interesting pieces of information in regard to the scheduling of social media posts. There is a helpful schedule planning guide link at the bottom that works along with this article to explain more documentation on how to build your traffic.

Twitter is only one of many social media locations where readers will browse to obtain news. Interestingly, certain time frames will obtain higher views. For example, the best time to post on Twitter has been discovered between 8pm to midnight as the writer will have more persons review tweet and URL post. Other interesting news is in the area of Facebook, to build and keep your followers plan a schedule of five to 10 posts throughout the week.

More intriguing is on the area of Linked In as they are a professional website so many businesses are present and keeping watch over what takes place. Statistics have shown there is not much activity. With that being said, if you keep your posting to once a day on Linked In you’ll be just fine and you’re followers will not get frustrated. On a more interesting note in the area of Google+, there are many who do use this and many persons who have built circles of followers. To keep those followers and not lose them it is suggested to post twice a day during the week.

Of course business owners need their sleep and cannot be expected to post at 3am. There are a few posting applications that will automatically do this activity at specific time frames. It is a matter of finding the particular item that best works for social media needs. Research to find the best but this article guide will assist your social media planning.

Organic Traffic

According to Click Science the term organic traffic is something which any website can obtain provided they have not paid for it; in other words free. Click Science says, “Organic traffic refers to traffic that comes to a website via unpaid links from other sites such as search engines, directories, and third party websites.” So in other words, if you spend your time submitting a website to free search engines expect organic traffic. Note, with organic traffic there are things we may not want to take place.

Can your business benefit by organic traffic alone?

Anyone with a website can benefit by organic traffic but the question we must ask ourselves is what will take place after submitting the website. In some situations there may be a specific link or button we are required to place onto the site for advertisement. Some website owners do not have an issue with doing that whereas others do not like to damage their web design. It is a choice each web master must make when using this type traffic. Even though it might be helpful at first there might be certain consequences in the end that may change matters after the fact with each organic traffic submission.

The short answer to the above is yes anyone with a website can benefit. But before using organic traffic be sure to ask yourself the question will organic traffic build a monthly profit margin to manage costly product including business expense? If the answer to that last question is yes then feel free to benefit from organic traffic search but if the answer is no then it would be worth considering a more specialty type of search engine optimization for your business website. This will ensure you obtain traffic, build the ranking at search engines and customers will see what it is you are selling. More importantly specialty search engine optimization will enhance your chances at building a monthly profit to ensure cost margins are met. Beehive Web Solutions has the skill of creating websites for business and will ensure they can be found world wide or just locally if they wish (i.e. organic traffic). Call today for more information and discover how they can build your business strategy!

Website Conversion Rates

The term conversion has multiple meanings. For example this term can mean one thing generally in the world of math but when speaking conversion in the world of website traffic it brings on an entirely new life. The entire reason for paying attention to website conversion is to focus on the activity of traffic. To make things easier to understand, when conversion takes place on your website what is it that you want to happen? Do you wish for a purchase of service or product; do you wish for contact/quote; are you seeking for feedback? All of those questions above are actions which users can perform on your website and at the end of every month you will then count the number of actions completed for each. Those conversion numbers then will be used to determine your next move.

For example a business owner checks their monthly website conversion rates only to find low numbers for product purchases but high requests for logo pricing quotes. Seeing the results, it is best leave everything as is for one more month. As another month passes by, conversion rates are reviewed again and show similar activity. How to manage this this predicament? It would be best to consider a logo monthly sale as it may raise conversion rates to a higher number for the following month. In essence, conversion rate numbers will assist you in doing whatever a business owner wishes to accomplish and obtain by using his/her website.

Beehive Web Solutions can improve business website conversion rates. Call today for details on how our service can help your business grow!

Social Media

Small business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve. What has assisted in enhancing that growth is using social media.  How social media can enhance a small business in growth and in profit is quite interesting. Social media is a term that is best understood when expressed in two parts social and media. Let us first look at the term social which is simply to be talkative with others. In the world of business that involves speaking or presenting a business idea about a service or product. Now let us bring in the second term, media which is also known as publication or press writings that the public can read.

With the multiple options of technology available business owners can use social media to bright their product or service to the eyes and ears of the public. Many social media websites are available for use and the most popular are:

                Blogger Google +
                Linked In Pinterest
                Twitter Stumble Upon
                Tumblr Technorati
                Reddit Xing

There are more social media websites other than those listed above and the great thing about it Beehive Web Solutions will help you with build your social media empire!

Contact Beehive Web Solutions and discover how we can apply social media to your business!

SEO and Social Media Combination Package

SEO (search engine optimization) and social media are two items that websites need to function well. Using both items together Beehive WS will enhance the status of your website and provide better traffic to it. For example, good search engine optimization (SEO) is writing solid content onto a website with popular keywords that visitor traffic will use on top search engines and find benefit from. Keep in mind, the more usage those specific keywords are entered the higher ranking your website will obtain. Another important factor to obtain attention from consumers is using social media. Social media is anything from Twitter to Facebook to Linked In and the list continues. A website can be marketed on social media and it will gain attention.

The interesting thing about SEO and social media is they both work together quite well. Beehive WS will find the best choices for search engine optimization and social media then combine everything together so it all meshes perfectly together like a well oiled machine. The chart below displays search engine optimization and social media benefits in a listing format so you are aware of the combination package.

The Beehive WS SEO package contains

  • Search engine analysis
  • Ongoing search engine content updates
  • Monthly report for clients
  • Regular SEO evaluation of client website
  • Search engine keyword research
  • Natural link building to enhance website traffic

The Beehive WS Social media package contains

  • Promote business or product line
  • SMM campaign know how
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing analysis and research
  • Manage client accounts professionally with ethics at all times
  • Staff will attract new customers to your brand

Contact us today for further information – localhost/oldbeehive/

Web Design

When you consider the term web design what comes to mind; the Internet and graphics correct? But there are more things to this term that need consideration than just the obvious. For example, two very important questions come to mind 1) how will you benefit from web design, personal or business? And 2) is there a web development style you prefer for the website? Most persons know how to answer the first question yet the second question does get customers a bit thrown when they begin to hear the options as there are many of them.

Of course you can build a website using HTML 5 but websites can be created using coding language such as JavaScript, Java, C+, Cascade Style Sheets (CSS), and a few other programming languages if the website needs more intense back-end control. When first looking into website creation this can be intimidating but it is actually quite simple to understand. For example, the HTML language can be used as static or as dynamic. Static is very simple but when coding with dynamic-HTML the website comes alive and will interact with the website reader.

Cascading Style Sheets allow many options to code and design web pages based upon need and desire of look. The benefit of using CSS is the user data will be saved and can be easily retrieved for review. Of course when using this type of coding it would be wise to ensure security of data so that information cannot be obtained by unauthorized personnel. When building a website it can be quite an amazing and learning experience because of the multiple items involved including the web design of the entire site.

Visit Beehive Web Solutions to see how the friendly and professional web developers can build your business with a chosen web design to higher levels.

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO

SEO is also known as search engine optimization. SEO is something used by web developers to build and enhance website traffic using specific keywords. One of the first tasks done when creating traffic with keywords is to determine search engine traffic flow. This can be done by using a particular application that will show data numbers. For example, the word house contractor is entered then a certain number will appear. That number will be quite high because many websites are using the term. To increase your chances you need to better the term so next enter the term urban house contractor. It is most likely the results will come back showing different and more positive.

Something else that can be used when entering in your keywords are things such as using the keyword then entering your city so it is like this housing contract actor Miami. By doing that type keyword phrase it is helpful if you build within the Miami area and your content discusses and shows work that has taken place within the Miami area.  In essence, content and keywords must work together when building traffic for your website.

Ideas to follow when creating content

Use quality keywords over quantity content. Because search engines have changed algorithm settings (Google) it is wise to have the personal philosophy avoid fluff speech. If just learning how to create websites and unsure how to perform search engine optimization white papers are quite helpful. Here is a brief listing of a few to check out:

The above list is quite brief but if you were to do a search on search engine optimization white papers or SEO white papers the results should come back with reasonable amount of items to review that will enhance your learning when first gaining knowledge on this term. Beehive Web Solutions can help you out when creating the best search engine optimization possible for your website. Visit our site to see how we can help!