SEO for Ecommerce

seo-sito-ecommerceThe higher your ecommerce website ranks in search engine results, the better your chances of getting more customers. We ensure that we streamline your SEO process so that you get all the traffic you need to do better business. We come up with tailor made SEO campaigns and strategies to ensure that your ecommerce website gets relevant traffic.

Understanding SEO

SEO is short for “search engine optimization;” a process that involves the garnering of organic traffic to a website and to a business. SEO includes modifying the content of your website to get high rankings on search engines. Search engine websites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo provide search results according to relevance to users. Getting your website in shape through the right SEO methods will ensure that you rank high in these user-relevant results which eventually result in better business.

You must understand that SEO is different from paid search ads since this process is not especially paid for. Again, the SEO process may not always be something that generates instant results. The reason for this is that while you can take certain shortcuts to rank high on search engine websites, you must still ensure that customers find your website relevant and in sync with what they are searching for. If your website ranks high in searches but does not provide customers with what they came looking for, these high rankings are no good.

Beehivews takes SEO to the next level

While we ensure that you get high rankings on search engines, we do so in a way that you can actually benefit from this traffic. This is a breakdown of how we can help your ecommerce website gain traffic that actually gives your business the required impetus:

  • Research
    In this phase, we look into the most popular keywords and how they are being used by competitors. While it is important to use the right keywords, we also ensure that we use unique keywords that are not overused by other websites. We also look to optimize site architecture for better results.
  • Optimization
    We look at the different and overall aspects of optimization such as keyword optimization as well as optimization of website structure, internal linking, usability and integration with mobile platforms and social media for better results.
  • Blog Content addition
    Since there are several keywords that can draw you traffic, we help create blogs with one unique keyword which will help you get high quality traffic.
  • Testing
    We test and re-test all our efforts to ensure that our SEO services are making a difference to your business.