Month: September 2015

Password Security Mistakes

This interesting talk was presented at TEDxCMU and lead by Lorrie Faith Cranor.  Lorrie studied thousands of passwords and analyzed common mistakes users made which compromised their security. Read more here.

Local SEO Changes & Strategy

Online visibility for local businesses on search engine results pages were negatively impacted when Google started using “Snack Pack” which only shows three local results. There are now a single standardized set of local results for both mobile devices and desktop.  The biggest change being that instead of six or seven results showing only three. Read more

Google Under Pressure to Reveal Algorithm

Google’s search algorithm may not be such a secret any longer. A new law is under review in France that would make Google reveal it’s coveted secret.  The Financial Times reported that the French senate is on the verge of passing a law that would require Google to publish the secret details of their algorithm’s. Read more